What The Hell??? Mexican Drug Cartel Murks Singer The Day After Dispelling Death Rumors

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Sergio Vega

The death of Sergio Vega this weekend has shed light on a genre of music more dangerous than gangster rap… SMH

Hours after a famed Mexican musician told fans he was very much alive – someone killed him.

Sergio Vega, a singer known for songs about Mexico’s drug wars, was shot dead on his way to perform a concert in Mexico Saturday, the BBC reports.

Vega, 40, performed under the name “El Shaka” and rose to fame for his catalogue of “narcocorridos,” songs that celebrate the culture of Mexico’s drug cartels.

Musicians who sing these songs have often become targets of warring drug gangs, and at least seven have been killed in the past three years, the BBC reports.

Vega spoke Saturday to the website La Oreja to deny rumors he had been murdered, Sky News reports.

“It’s happened to me for years now, someone tells a radio station or a newspaper I’ve been killed, or suffered an accident,” Vega said. “And then I have to call my dear mum, who has heart trouble, to reassure her.”

Only this time, the reports proved prophetic. Vega was reportedly gunned down in a state controlled by the dangerous Sinaloa cartel while driving his red Cadillac Saturday night to play a concert.

Gunmen opened fire on Vega’s car, causing him to lose control of the vehicle. The gunmen then “finished Mr. Vega off” with shots to the head and chest, according to a report in the Mexican newspaper El Debate.

Vega told several media outlets he had upped his personal security detail after the 2007 slaying of singer Sergio Gomez, frontman for the band K-Paz de la Sierra.

Gomez, a fellow Grupero (or Mexican folk) musician, was kidnapped from a concert and later found strangled.

This is crazy. Seven murders in three years? These motherfu*kers are RUTHLESS.



  • Louisi@n@Lover

    Those Mexicans dont play

    Now, do u see why Arizona wants that law in place? The White folks are acared!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Louisi@n@Lover

    @ whoknew, put sum clothes on cuz Im now in this b1aatch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO

  • Sha

    American Gangsters ain’t got nothin on them!

  • Big Roy

    The Mexican gangsters don’t play… Definitely real down there. My condolences to the deceased.


    Shoulda kept your mouth shut, Ese.

  • drenk

    no one forced him to criticize the cartels, they dont fudge around

  • dee

    Mexico is a lawless country. Why do you think they’re all fleeing over here?


    i keep tellin’ ppl that they ain’t no joke!!!!!!!!!!

  • Real Justice

    If you live by the sword, you die by the sword.

  • LuvN_Life

    It is absolutley Brutal over there,u Fortunatley unless they get an ally to come in there country and help them,there Gonna be that way for a very long time to come

  • lala

    WTH ??? DAYUM !!!

  • LaDiva

    There is nothing to glorify about the streets… R.i.p

  • dutch3k5

    dAMN! im almost hesistant to even comment on this post….lmao !! yeah right …i wishanigguhwud…but u wont catch me goin over there though

  • Educated Goon

    Yeah them Mexicans go hard.. But they wont try no Black gangstas. I got n*ggas in L.A. murkin them mexicans with the quickness.. they know whats up. but i give them props they runnin the dope game right now.. dope game sour right now for black folk..we better off goin to school gettin an education

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