Guess Who Was Pluckin’ A Chicken In The Restroom At The Atlantic Records Party After The BET Awards?!??

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Atlantic Records Party

The 2010 BET Awards are over and done with and now snitches are talkin’. Bossip just got wind that one of the dudes in the pic above decided to chop down a well known L.A. chicken at the Atlantic Records party in the restroom at Cecconi’s.

Which One Do You Think Likes Choppin’ Chickens In Public Restrooms???

Trey Songz and Charity

The one and only man that sings jawns about sexin’ women but is rumored to be gay… TREY SONGZ!!!

A couple of party goers saw Trey Songz and a chicken by the name of Charity walk into the restroom together. When they returned she was looking clearly disheveled. We were told that Charity has been tossed around a couple of times between different athletes and celebrities. Charity hangs with Melyssa Ford and we also know she chats it up with Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant and Milwaukee Bucks Brandon Jennings.

Dang Trey Trey… If this is true and she’s getting plucked and f**ked in the restroom… Charity can’t have too much going for herself. YUUUUUUUUP!!!!


  • Yun Dun Know

    If that was true, Trey, you have NO CLASS.

    Which is why you get the women you do. Wh*res.

    Seems to me he’s trying to dispel the gay rumors about him.

    Hey….would you rather have a rumor that you banged a wh*re in the bathroom or that you are a booty bandit??


  • LadyJNewYork

    Maybe he wasn’t plucking this chicken, maybe she was on her knees……LOL

  • Air It Out!!!

    He strikes me as the type that will stick anything LSLH. Trey everything that looks good isnt good!!

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    Real talk…all men at his age seem to go through their share of women like a glass of water!


  • white male

    The people in the neighboring stall know my name.

  • Mick3y Mous3 Shirt

    oops… I meant Drenk

  • WTF


  • Mystyri



    So he got the draws, who cares!

  • Keepnit100

    Eeewww! Not surprised at all…wash your azz Trey!

  • nosey person

    she looks like a pretty man……..are is she????

  • Femininity

    If this is true, do you really think Charity cares about her name being slung in the mud? Of course not – this would obviously beef up her groupie game and will remind other name brand artists that she’s ready whenever they are.
    If this is true, do you really think Trey will care what people think of him? He’s a young, good looking and successful musician – he’s seen the perks that a brotha like himself can benefit from being in the industry.
    Chances are, he’s laughing all the way to the clinic.

  • Pisces82

    I’m calling suspect. I declare a birth certificate check immediately!

  • Bdot

    But that’s what groupies are for.

  • chaka1

    Fake story…

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