Rihanna Throwing Up Illuminati Signs On The Cover Of “Seventeen”

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Rihanna Covers Seventeen Magazine

Rihanna covers the upcoming issue of “Seventeen” magazine. She sheds some light on what is making her smile from ear to ear now-a-days and also dishes out a couple of her own fashion tips. Rihanna’s style is trendy but at times questionable…

Is She the Person You Would Turn to for Fashion Tips???

Fashion High:
“The thrill in fashion for me is taking a risk and daring myself to make it work. Even when I go shopping, I always buy something twisted and I know I’m going to have to figure out somehow to pull it off and make it my own.”

Getting Her Dollar’s Worth:
“I like to wear out my clothes because I think I spend so much money on them that I have to wear every cent out of them. I especially love when I have a piece, like a jacket, that I can wear so many different times with so many different things.”

Trendy Tomboy:
“For everyday, I like jeans that are supposed to be skinny jeans but aren’t tight. I like them tomboy-ish so that they’re almost a size or two bigger than my normal size and slouch a bit. When I go out, I like a more structured jean because, for my body, they’re more flattering on my legs.”



  • 2Sweet

    She looks so used to be only 22. Gotta love her tho. Gotta love her.

  • c

    First I think! Fu*k her….

  • RIHLUVA221


  • drakeswifey

    oh wow, i didnt kno the peace sign was an illuminati symbol…i guess since i do that all the time im part of it now. lame ass.

    • mohammed

      no that means your a mindless sheep inside the human farm..you have to sell your soul to become apart of the illumnati for fame..thats the only way to become famous really..if you really wanna kno the truth reasearch satanic symbols and see for your self..god is live

  • aries79

    Ugly girls and katty men love to hate on Rih
    but she doing her thang

  • Fly on the Wall

    If you only knew behind that smile hides a young depressed woman.Poor Robyn,she is in a very dark place right now.Her life is lived in a box.No friends except melissa,her life is scripted.She does not make her own decisions.They tell her how to pose,what to wear, how to talk etc.Robyn is just another young woman who has been taken advantage of by the shady music industry.Ever since the incident,her life has been a downward spiral.Yes she is financially set, but its all in vain when your life is not your own.Oh and Matt is just another PR stunt, sorry to all you “Rihanna” fans, if she could be with CB she would.They secretly kept in touch until Sean Carter found out and it was curtains,and boy does he has his nerve…..but anyway this young lady needs prayer and not condemnation.She is just one of many pawns.

  • MildlyAmused

    I’m tired of dark, evil, Illuminati Rihanna. It’s nice to see her looking kinda sweet again.

    You know, that gesture is really popular in Japan. I know she’s doing it on her eye and stuff, but I get what you’re sayin’.

  • kerry

    Its not the peace sign its signaling the 1 eye sign all seeing eye

  • i wish i would

    Boshi+++++ Pleazzze
    a peace sigh Really? reaching much.
    Yes I would take fashion advice from Ri. She always looks great.

    SAhe looked better going to dinner with her MAN then the woman on the Red Carpet for the EBT awards

  • D

    The fact that she is holding it by her left eye is what makes it “Illuminati” related shes showing who she pledges her allegiance to do your homework just because you don’t believe in it doesn’t make it false ignorance isn’t bliss

    Question……Who do you think runs the “Entertainment Industry”?

  • divabitch

    What is this Illuminati thing all about? Is it a crew like Dirty Money? A symbol?..what does it mean or represent? Im confused…

  • Unkle Ruckus

    WTF? Ya’ll got Tila Tequila on your payroll now? Illuminati, my black azz.

  • lala

    PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE THAT “ILLUMINATI BS” ARE RETARTED. blacks are easy to brainwash.
    a new way to destroy rich black folks????

  • britchick91

    yep the all seeing eye

  • eyes wide open

    Not suprised, her, bey, jay-z gaga, kanye…many more. ppl need to wake up. The slightest thing may seem cute but if you do your research you’ll find some truth.

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