Has Rihanna Cursed Matt Kemp’s Game??? She’s Being Called The Jessica Simpson To Matty’s Romo

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Rihanna and Matt Kemp

Rihanna was pure poison to Chris Brown and now it looks like she’s turning Matt Kemp’s career to sh*t too! Look under the hood to find out why sports writers are comparing her to Jessica Simpson

Recently comparisons have been drawn between the relationship of Rihanna and Dodgers star Matt Kemp, and the relationship between Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo. Romo was famous for underperforming when his high-profile girlfriend was in attendance during his games. Now, some have wondered if Rihanna may have a similar effect on Matt Kemp.

Kemp, who is usually a fairly consistent player, has seen his productivity fall off in recent weeks after his girlfriend Rihanna started attending games. In fact, recently, he has only been hitting .196 in the month of June, which is about .100 lower than you would expect Kemp to hit.

Kemp’s slump started before his relationship with Rihanna had gone public, but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t already in the picture — throwing off his game.

It is too soon to tell if Kemp will be able to pull out of his slump before the end of the season, as baseball players often do, but it is clear that he has not been playing up to his ability level in the month of June.

Kemp has only hit one home run in the last 22 games. To put that into perspective, Kemp hit 26 homers in just 159 games last season.

SMH… RihRih can’t use her illuminati connects to help Matt stay on top of his game???



  • dee

    she has such a controlling spirit. i can see her messing up a man’s focus who is weak.

  • tiptap

    matt is obviously under a spell, so it is not surprising that his game is thrown off. The only way he can see it is if he turns to God to “open” his eyes…rihanna is a harlot she aloowed her “situation” with c.b to happen so that she would be initiated into whatever cult she is in. She knows whats up but her “stans” are so delusional to see it

  • Adrianna

    People love to hate on Rihanna b/c she is so GORGEOUS, and FLY!!! Oh.. and SUCCESSFUL than her haters will ever be!

  • shoes

    um yeah not really tony f-ed himself up by not going 2 practice in case dont remember obviously he was in mexico during practice. Also Kemp hit a homer 2day and got rbi
    oh yeah didnt yall call him a showoff when he won the game with 2 hits and she was at the game these games she wasnt there

  • Tragic Mulatto

    I don’t think this relationship is going to last. They are both young and he has a player vibe. Have fun rhi and enjoy the attention while you can!

  • Jenney

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  • yvonne127

    I think she just doesn’t know how to pick them…

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  • XYZ

    @Base: I voted, good luck!

  • willy b hardigan

    Can you not dislike someone without bein called a hater? I can’t stand gay j and killer. They’re wack. No jealousy they’re just douches.

  • I Am Legend

    he just homered and had like 3 rbi’s last nite

  • Jade Silver...Life is great!

    Oh please. He needs to focus.

  • Deesac

    I do not understand why Chris Brown name has anything to do with this conversation. I started to believe that sista are the new white man in society.

  • minerva

    as with this site, the REAL devil sits in the “amen corner” !!!
    anyone who throws hate on another is the culprit- takes one to know one…
    minions be gone

  • GOLD

    @ Brianna you need to shut up nothin is wrong with Chris career you idiot. Rihanna cant dance, she cant sing, she cant do nothing but just an attention Ho

  • deedee

    Anyone who believes in God knows there is no such thing as good luck and bad luck.

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