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Kanye West Power-Artwork

This is the artwork for Kanye West’s new single “Power”. If you listen to the lyrics of his new jawn then it makes sense but we want to know your thoughts…

Kanye West “Power”


  • G.I.

    It’s Hot!!
    “No one man should have all that power!!”

  • Mystyri



    “No one man should have all that power!” -AS IN THAT MAN BEING GOD?


  • chrishawn bellway

    UHMMMMM…. Well you’d have to think with the clouds in the background and the head floating on a serving platter and who does he see as king?

  • drenk

    YUP shape shifting reptilian humanoids…smh

  • Lina

    Everyone will interpret this differently, but of course it does have a true meaning,but only Kayne knows.

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    It is clear that he is going through some things!

  • SoulSista

    THE best song our right now!!

    luv Kanye…

  • chrishawn bellway

    He is obviously referring to God as having too much power and the kings head on the platter is that of he. He continue to refer to the 21st century. I guess he has been fooled to think that satan will conquer the world over God. I will continue to pray for Kanye and as long as he continue to sing of this foolishness I will not support his music and I advise you not to let your children be brainwashed with this repetitive nonsense.

  • kiara

    everytime i listen 2 the song somehow i just feel as though he’s talking bout god & that chain kinda gives it away too or either hes talking bout the power he has with the illuminati. W/e the case is i hope he finds himself bc kanye is 1 of the best.

  • Nicole The Nympho: Leela James' Album Is Great!

    you dumbasses the head is supposed to be him, stop over thinking things i’m sure it has NOTHING to do with the devil! how could you always come to it has something to do with the devil? you people sound like those morons in the stupid ages who accused people of being witches for dumb reasons. Move on and say what you feel about the song or whatever! honestly i dont like the artwork cuz i think it’s tacky but thats just me at ;east this different and not boring like other other single or album artwork, i cant wait til sept to buy his album. kanye may open his mouth too much but he delivers well in music.

  • SoulSista


    he refers to the 21st century because the song he sampled for the track is called “21st century schizoid man” by a british rock band. I guess if you believe he is a devil worshipper you would interpret the song that way. When he says Man im sure he means just that, a human being, not God. But thats just my interpretation. Only Kanye knows the true meaning.

    Love Dwele on the track too.

  • Val

    *sigh*….I use to love Kayne,when he first got on the scene he was a conscious rapper and all for spreading knowledge and truth about our culture and history.i still blast “crack music”.As for Power,at the end of the song when he says “that will be a beautiful death, jumping out the window-letting everything go” very interesting……

  • modern_

    that artwork is pretty heavy going ‘Ye…

  • daahlingnikki

    im thinking that he is referring to himself…he seems like he’s trying to come back from that ego trip he’s been on for years…conclude what you will regarding this songs meaning but it looks like maybe he is trying to face his demons and get his life back…

  • Media

    @Nicole The Nympho maybe you should start thinking more into things …dumb*****

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