Lil Red RihRih Lays Her Smackers On That Hot And Tender Man Meat

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Rihanna grabs onto her Dodger boyfriend Matt Kemp and kisses him goodbye as he catches a flight at LAX to Arizona

Rihanna was caught sucking face with her boo Matt Kemp at LAX as she dropped him off to catch a flight. Pop the hood for an even juicier shot of the Red Devil making out with Mattypoo

Rihanna grabs onto her Dodger boyfriend Matt Kemp and kisses him goodbye as he catches a flight at LAX to Arizona

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  • dee

    she’s too clingy. he’ll get tired of that soon.

  • Keep it Real

    Don’t hate, congratulate. Some women date a lot of men. And some women “keeps” a man. Ladies learn the difference.

  • chris

    how cute, she is in love!

  • kamilah

    yeah she is clingy…but he also better b careful or she’ll set him up and fool up career and life like she did chris brown…she a diease he and chris brown might need take a trip to the clinic…just something to think about ;?

  • B3 Fearless

    Very cute posing again for the cameras.

    Go ahead Rhi & Matt.

  • shani

    She is so doing that for the cameras. She knows Chris is in the news so much and we are loving him so she needs the attention to be back on her. I have nothing against her but she is pissing me off. She is trying to hard and needs to lay low because people starting to figure her out.

  • realtalk

    he tasten his own d?ick

    (__) )\/\
    ||—-w |
    || ||

    real real talk

  • B3 Fearless

    I don’t see where y’all have gotten the idea that she is clingy.

    All I know is this is my favorite “stictly for publicity” couple.

    Rhi is on point posing, looking str8 at the cameraman after giving Matt that little peck.

    Go ahead girl!

    They are cute. You can’t deny it!

  • aries79

    Lol… Look at the jealous hoes saying 
    shes too clingy with her man,,, Its not 
    her fault yall dating fat unemployed
    You can tell yall want her man… try being more 
    discret with yall hating …K

  • Hating Azz Bytchezz

    You two hatin azz rats up top need to STFU! Don’t be mad because nobody wants yall baldheaded dusty stank azz’s! Get a life you broke down tramps and keep being a Rih hater and stay miserable ‘FOREVER’ like BREEZY DOO DOO BROWN!

  • FlirtFirst



  • Silk32

    The Dodgers just benched Matt for 3 games due to poor performance (dude batting .196 during the month of June) . What next … ban from BET Awards?

  • http://urnotpdiddyloser 5'10" AKILLAH RICHARDS

    come Mr D.J. time for the replay.

  • n_satiable

    I’m not an expert on body language, but I’m noticing how he’s not leaning into the kiss, despite their differences in height. And it looks like they’re getting back into the car, so this couldn’t have waited? Seems like it’s for the benefit of the photogs….

  • speaking of this ish...

    i guess that was for the camera?? next pls..

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