Did Rihanna Gank This Girl’s Swag?

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Christina Milian had a nice little time with Fefe Dobson (the one whom everyone says Rihanna ganked her swag from—stars tatted on the neck and all) at some VMA party this weekend.  Kissing, holding hands…hmmm.  Ain’t nothing wrong with a little ‘innocent’ girl on girl action.

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  • Ms. Philly

    It is what it is….

    Morning ppl…

  • Just Sayin

    They quick to start kissing:

    I mean real fast like, Lick-A-Dee-Split


  • $moK.E.Y.

    Nowadays I’m not sure what to believe….:neutral:

  • hgsnksss

    I think so…these aren’t very good pictures of FeFe but if you search YouTube you’ll see some very convincing evidence!

  • Soldier Girl

    5th I think I wouldnt shock me if she was gay who isnt bi in the entertainment bizziness……………..Rihanna might have stole fefe ideas you know she cant be creative on her own

  • Mandah, is hating having to change all my old numbers to my new phone...aint nuthin but the devil!

    swag swipped fe fe and christina…

    the chocolate version of that lindsay lohan chile and her techno lumberjack girl friend???


  • huhsaywhat?

    I haven’t seen Fefe Dobson in a MINUTE.

    Hmmmmn, never thought of it before, but I can definitely see the Rihanna comparison. Eh well.

  • Kesha: The Prez for President! And Shockey for VP! Nah, thats a ticket!!!

    I think Christina is really in need of some attention, that’s all…she’s begging for it. Will someone please hire this girl, or write her azz some songs!

  • Charlynn

    I never ever leave comments but hear me out please… this girl fefe’s swag is nothing short of atrocious. i mean american apparel meets the thirft store /kiesha cole 2 seasons ago… if this girl doesnt knock it off… her calling is not fashion she simply doesnt have the umph that riri does i want to back hand her for even insinuating this because its just ridiculous i tell ridiculous

  • Black Beauty

    I have never heard of this chick, but it does look like Rihanna might have bit a little bit of her swag.

  • cutie pie*kindly putting people on blast est.1985* I got good hair...I got African in my family and I just adore organic jelly beans mmmmmmm :)

    I love cristina and everything but she better leave that kissing on chicks nonsense for the lindsays and britneys cause it is not cute

  • http://www.google.com Man, I just don't care


    What’s up babe? I guess Gustav didn’t mess you over too bad huh?

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators (Keepin' It Real - D'Original)

    Christina your little cute a$$ needs to stop with the bullsh#t, you know you don’t swing that way…

    Mamacita (*she’s Cuban), do something else to get back into the limelight – please choose one of them and not this… SMH @ the nonesense…

  • cutie pie*kindly putting people on blast est.1985* I got good hair...I got African in my family and I just adore organic jelly beans mmmmmmm :)

    hey man!! ;)… Kesha and I were talking about you last week hoping that everything was alright with you..did Gustav effect you in a major way??

  • Kmia

    Rihanna has been quoted saying she looks up to FeFe…

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