Who Is Our Dad?

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Cuba Gooding Jr. Hanging out with his sons Spencer and Mason at a beach in Malibu

These California kids spent some quality time with their pops in Malibu this weekend. If we tell you that their Dad is an Oscar-winning Hollyweird actor can you guess who he is? The answer is on the flipside

Cuba Gooding Jr. Hanging out with his sons Spencer and Mason at a beach in Malibu

Show me the money!!! It’s Cuba Gooding Jr. He hung out with sons Spencer and Mason on this Malibu beach Saturday.

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  • lani3000

    Ya’ll father is OOF THE HOOK!

  • Angel(formerly UrHeiness)

    Cute boys..perfect combo of both the mother & father.

    That beach looks nice,love the beach! lol

  • It's Me

    O well, he is an oreo…

  • rain

    they look like there uncle Omar Gooding

  • JUDY

    Cuba got some strong genes. His kids are still black.

  • chaka1

    Where has he been?

  • S.p. Easy !!!

    He got some big boys! Thats a good look for him, and they do look like their uncle! wow!

  • cutitout

    @ Real black is chocolate… Shut up!!!!

  • anewme

    Glok you know you wrong! LMAO…How you doing today Honey Bunny!

  • Enuff Already

    @ Real black is chocolate…sweetie did you take your meds this morning?

  • girly

    wow, are those kids with his white wife??
    wow, i would never think those kids are biracial…

    black is black..

  • Yo Momma!

    Somebody please take away those

    Whomever dressed them, must be COLORBLIND!!!!!

  • shut the fu*ck up

    have you seen the wife, she looks like a lumberjack

    wow gooding WTF

  • Doc

    So much hate… Cuba and his money don’t care how black his kids are.

  • Penfold, shush!

    Boots and socks on the beach…I guess he can do that.

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