Brandy Is Bangerific

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Brandy 160 Magazine

We gave you a sneak peek of Brandy’s behind-the-scenes photo shoot for 160g Magazine where lil Moesha was looking like a certified banger.

Brandy’s full spread with 160g Magazine is on the flipside


  • Chocolatelove

    I adore her and her unique features! So happy she’s stepped up her style game. She deserves to be a contender with a voice like that!

  • 2Sweet

    Bangerific as in…banging her car into somebody else’s! She still killed somebody at the end of the day.

  • 2Sweet

    I don’t care how much wig, weave & makeup she wears, she still looks like an alien. She was my girl back in the 90s tho!!!

  • B3 Fearless

    Those are some great pics of her. I love the way her eyes look in that one pic and her boots in the other.

    Just a little too skinny tho!

    But Brandy is def looking muy caliente!

  • Love

    @ 2Sweet

    You’re a loser.

  • B3 Fearless

    lol @ 2Sweet

    I still love her version of Cinderella with Whitney. That’s how I’m always going to see her.

  • Juicie

    @ 2Sweet She didnt kill anyone. There was a few cars involved in the accident. Even tho someone did die because of it, it was not her fault. Get your facts straight.

  • Caramel Cat™ ('Return of the Ankh' is a bonafide clazzic)

    *blank stare*

  • http://urnotpdiddyloser 5'10" AKILLAH RICHARDS

    ?Perdone Me? I know lots of dudes that looovvee skinny girls. Black ones too!

  • Gold

    Back to Where? This girl is so ugly no matter what she does the ugliness still remains.

  • Lebronson

    lol @Glok….Lawda Mercy Big Botti Gyal!!! @2sweet

    you guys are some ignorant fukers.

  • Lebronson

    and if you guys think brandy is so ugly then why click the link?? just to leave negative comments.. stoopid arses. and i do mean stupid

    anyways go ahead Brandy girl you look good.. you got em hatin thats all you need to be a success. a pack of

  • David

    She looks like an alien. She would be perfect for Avatar.

  • Just Bored

    She still looks like a little kid playing dress up. No change from her Moesha days it seems. Eternal youth….

  • Jay the Real One

    @ 2Sweet

    Seriously, go get some info before you open your mouth

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