Jesus Take The Wheel: Nigerian Man Arrested With Bags Containing WHAT?!?

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Nigeria baby poison

This story is unbelievable SMH…. A Nigerian man was arrested, for basically not doing the job he was hired for. It sounds innocent enough, but when you hear what was in the bags he was carrying you’ll understand why we’re appalled. Pop the hood for the details

A man carrying bags containing more than 70 dead babies has been arrested in Nigeria.

He was employed by the Lagos University Teaching Hospital to take the corpses to a cemetery.

The worker was allegedly trying to dump the corpses as he could not afford burial fees.

A hospital spokesman said it was co-operating with police investigations into the incident.

A BBC correspondent in Lagos says many families are too devastated to deal with the dead babies and others cannot afford morgue fees, so abandon them outside hospitals. Hospitals hire contractors to bury the corpses.

A police preliminary investigation also led to the arrest of some workers in the Department of Morbid and Anatomy at the teaching hospital, said Lagos state police public relations officer Frank Mba.

He also said that the suspect had not intended to use the bodies in any rituals.

“We are sure that the suspect is neither a ritualist nor a murderer nor a trafficker. Other contending issues like corruption and abuse of office will be investigated,” Mr Mba added.

The hospital described the incident as an embarrassment to the organisation.

The BBC’s Fidelis Mbah says there’s been a state of shock and disbelief among people in Lagos who cannot believe that a hospital with the magnitude of Lagos University Teaching Hospital would allow a contractor to handle that many corpses without supervision from its staff.

We’re at a complete loss for words.

What kind of person carries around 70 DEAD BABY CORPSES??? No disrespect to the dead, but the stench alone should have tipped off his supervisors and the authorities.

Not to mention… how do you pay someone to do a job, and they don’t have the funds to cover the fees necessary to do that job???




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