To Whom Do These Bunioned Babies Belong???

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Venus Williams promotes and signs copies of "Come to Win"at Borders Avenue of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA.

SMH… These dogs have definitely seen better days. Can you guess who these corns and bunions belong to? Pop the hood to find out!

Venus Williams promotes and signs copies of "Come to Win"at Borders Avenue of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA.

Venus Williams hit up her Philadelphia book signing for “Come To Win” looking a lil rough. We know she’s probably tired from getting knocked out of Wimbledon and all so we’ll give her a break and just say athlete’s feet are not the cutest!!!

Next time hopefully she’ll leave the flip flops at home and introduce her ends to some juices and berries.



  • Hannibal


  • MissCandyce

    I understand WHY they look like that….but she need to hide those

  • 2Sweet

    lol @ the stained jeans. Well, I’m not going to hate on her feet since she’s a serious athelete! Most of ’em have bad looking feet.

  • VoodooChile


  • She said it.

    I could have dog toes if I were on top of the tennis game and made historical gains for black women. Don’t nick pick a Diva who has done more for my generation than Beyonce or RiRi….

  • Marilyn Lee

    Those are working feet, I’m not mad at her.. everyone needs to support her book, I supported her sisters book as well!!

  • creole doll

    she’s ugly damn looks like a man



  • Humble Pie

    Those feet are Grand Slam feet, she and her feet along with her sister are already in the history books, hundreds of years from now school children will be reading about the Williams family and their famous feet.

    Will you haters be remembered after you have rotted away, or will it be as if you were never here.

  • She said it.

    @ Marilyn Lee

    I will read her book upon your request. Thank you.

  • ebonypearl

    I’m so happy that we cant kill sports, like we have killed black music. If sports were not based on ability, most of our black people, would feel that Venus and Serena were not attractive enough to play tennis. Look how this warped view has stripped us of Truly talented black female Singers.(so sad)

  • mosiane

    Damn, those feet look like she plays tennis with no shoes on period. Nail polished chipped, corns on almost each toe with a bunion on the side.

    This is not OK!

  • Humble Pie

    Hannibal: Foolish dog barks at a flying bird.

    Venus and Serena strive to achieve greatness, and you strive to achieve? Hate/envy/jealousy/bottom feeder status

  • Mabel

    She gets a pass for being an athlete.

  • Mabel


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