White Cavs Owner Dan Gilbert: Lebron is a Coward and Narcissistic Traitor, He Betrayed Cleveland

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Although sports teams and coaches regularly trade, buy, and sell sports players like slaves or cattle, Cleveland Caveliers owner Dan Gilbert doesn’t like the way Lebron made a business decision to go “bring his talents to South Beach”. Gilbert posted this b*tch tirade last night on the Cavs blog:

Dear Cleveland, All Of Northeast Ohio and Cleveland Cavaliers Supporters Wherever You May Be Tonight;

As you now know, our former hero, who grew up in the very region that he deserted this evening, is no longer a Cleveland Cavalier.

This was announced with a several day, narcissistic, self-promotional build-up culminating with a national TV special of his “decision” unlike anything ever “witnessed” in the history of sports and probably the history of entertainment.

Clearly, this is bitterly disappointing to all of us.

The good news is that the ownership team and the rest of the hard-working, loyal, and driven staff over here at your hometown Cavaliers have not betrayed you nor NEVER will betray you.

There is so much more to tell you about the events of the recent past and our more than exciting future. Over the next several days and weeks, we will be communicating much of that to you.

You simply don’t deserve this kind of cowardly betrayal.

You have given so much and deserve so much more.

In the meantime, I want to make one statement to you tonight:


You can take it to the bank.

If you thought we were motivated before tonight to bring the hardware to Cleveland, I can tell you that this shameful display of selfishness and betrayal by one of our very own has shifted our “motivation” to previously unknown and previously never experienced levels.

Some people think they should go to heaven but NOT have to die to get there.

Sorry, but that’s simply not how it works.

This shocking act of disloyalty from our home grown “chosen one” sends the exact opposite lesson of what we would want our children to learn. And “who” we would want them to grow-up to become.

But the good news is that this heartless and callous action can only serve as the antidote to the so-called “curse” on Cleveland, Ohio.

The self-declared former “King” will be taking the “curse” with him down south. And until he does “right” by Cleveland and Ohio, James (and the town where he plays) will unfortunately own this dreaded spell and bad karma.

Just watch.

Sleep well, Cleveland.

Tomorrow is a new and much brighter day….

I PROMISE you that our energy, focus, capital, knowledge and experience will be directed at one thing and one thing only:

DELIVERING YOU the championship you have long deserved and is long overdue….

Dan Gilbert
Majority Owner
Cleveland Cavaliers

SMH. Does anyone question whether “Master Gilbert” would trade any of his players if it meant winning a championship faster or making more money?


  • webreader

    LeBron don’t owe Cleveland a “D@@n thing! They were his employers not his family. He had every right to find new employment! They, the entire city and Cleveland Management have NO CLASS.

  • face

    good for you LeBron! These people act like he owes them something. Live your life for you! f__k’em!

  • webreader

    Cleveland Management did nothing in 7 years to build a viable team around James. Only until he became a “free agent” and the reality of him leaving set-in, did they try to run and get help. He needed more than a new coach!! Get over it Cleveland.

  • thank god im white

    the NBA runs on a system of contracts, he played out his contract for them. and he played it out VERY WELL. i dont even know why this guy is acting like such a douche, lebron DOUBLED the value of the cleveland franchise since he got there. besides he been right there in cleveland/akron his entire life, why not go party and win rings on south beach.

  • Jacob

    If Lebron is so great, why did he go to Wade’s team? If Lebron is so great Wade would have came to his team. Right? p.s. Just a little hatin’ to start the day!

  • The Beast 1123

    F#ck Cleveland!!!! This is terrible!!! The man gave his all to the Bum @$$ CAVS, and they gave him $hit. He made it to the finals with Boobie Gibson as his next best scoring option. Boobie Gibson. C’Mon Son!!!! Lebron made a believer out of me by choosing winning over money and fame. I applaud dude, and can’t wait til the CAVS are back in the cellar where their punk @sses belong.

  • LuxDeluxeCrew

    Wow, sour! Change is a beautiful thing, except when your the old thing left behind!!Lol..

  • mrs410qt

    Hate to say it but he made some valid points. Now his verbage was a little out of line but I am sure like most people he reacted off of emotion. Other players such as Michael Jordan, Larry Bird etc didnt jump ship to another team to win a championship, they built it at home. I am a Lebron fan I can honestly say I wish he would have stayed in Cleveland too but it was his choice so Miami it is. Wish him the best of luck….

  • redondobeach

    big ups to bron’bron’ great move! wish i could mve wit’cha

  • Miss U Much MJJ....Lovely1

    I think that LeBron should have called Dan Gilbert. That being said Gilbert is a LOSER and delusional. LeBron doesn’t owe the city of Cleveland a thing. Dude revived that franchise on his own. Cleveland is not winning a championshiop with Anderson & Delonte. The city didn’t raise him, Gloria James did!
    I’m a New Yorker and the Knicks fans were also delusional!
    I’m not a fan of LBJ but I do hope they win a championship!

  • Tall Gyal

    This little rant from the owner is childish and embarrassing. Lebron was there and loyal for 7 years. I think he was smart to move on to Miami. He is smart enough to know that he can’t win a championship by himself. He can’t be that self serving if he is willing to share the glory with two other very good players.


  • Chill

    So what if he’s white? This site is getting worse and worse, pandering to the worst element of the black community; insecure, self pitying types who think they still live on the plantation. Grow up and get with the times.

  • Ciana

    i never cared about Lebron so i givre no fuxks lol

  • Truthteller

    @ Webbreader
    @ face

    You guys are right. Lebron only owed the city of Cleavland a Contractual Obligation and he has fulfilled that Contract. He was an employee for the Cavaliers. He has the right to go wherever he wants. Shame on the CAVS owner for inciting the hate for Lebron James.

  • http://www.newyorkshockexchange.com Silk32

    INTERPRETATION: This is what Dan Gilbert meant to say in his letter http://clicky.me/rOE

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