BOSSIP Exclusive: Music Producer Bangladesh Tells Us Exclusively If Beyonce Actually Writes Her Own Songs!!!

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Bangladesh Music Producer

BOSSIP had the chance to chop it up with music producer Bangladesh. Some of you are probably saying… “Who the Hell is Bangladesh???” In a nut shell, he’s responsible for a lot of songs most people dance to, example: Beyonce’s “Diva and Video Phone”, Lil Wayne’s “A Milli”, Kelis’ “Bossy” and many many more. A question that a lot of people want to know is… “Does Beyonce Really Write Her Own Songs???”

Bangladesh Gives Us the Scoop on Beyonce and the Worst Artist He’s Ever Worked With…

Who is Bangladesh:

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Bangladesh speaks on Beyonce:

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Bangladesh Speaks on the Worst Person He Ever Worked With:

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  • jay

    He dodged that question about Beyonce’ writing her own songs.

  • http://bossip Mia


  • White Women Rule

    Dear, who in the music business with hits actually does write their own material? Not man, not many. For one, many artist pay handsomely for ghostwriters. You’d be surprised.

  • http://bossip lucas

    If you didn’t write a song you do not go around the world lying about it. It’s a difference between buying a song vs saying I wrote this. A liar is a f n liar

  • lita

    you guys spelled actually incorrectly

  • mimi321

    ehh, he TRIED to dodge the beyonce question, but the reality is, if he had seen it with his own eyes, he would’ve said so…so there you have it…

    i’m more tickled that they had him dog some folks out and beeped out the names, but gave ALL the details so you would know exactly who he was talking about…stop acting like asses petey pablo and kelis!!! lol

  • cosmicsistren

    He didn’t answer the question. It was a simple yes or no to whether Beyonce writes her own songs. This guy is a clown. Can’t trust a man that wears dark shades inside. He seems to me like he is trying to be cool. You’re from Iowa dude. Quit the posturing trying to be cool. It’s corny.

  • Blasian

    He only didon song for Beyonce DIVA! And I’m sure it won’t be her album again

  • http://google tiffany cleveland

    Everybody noes dat B doesn’t write her own songs. Ne-Yo & The Dream helps her. I guess that’s y she doesn’t like Keri Hilson cuz she writes her own music

  • Erica

    if u read the credits on her albums, she co-writes some of her songs with like 5 other ppl. i dnt understand why it takes 6 people to write 1 effin song.she either wrote like two words in the whole song or most likely paid for them to add her name on the credits.

    its not bad that she doesnt write her own songs cuz alot of ppl dont but she definately lied about it which is bad. she should give credit where its due.

    @whoever asked who in the business writes their own songs….alicia keys writes the vast majority of her songs by herself and sometimes maybe with one other person. remember that song “fallin” that she won five grammys for? she wrote that song 100% by herself. check the credits. the songs that beyonce won grammys for she didnt write.

  • Superficial Glamour

  • Luv-Lee


  • http://deleted AfricanPrincess

    True @ Erica
    There are people who actually CAN write like Alicia Keys and ADELE or Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill. Taylor Swift. Keri Hilson. However alot of people dont write, which is boring but acceptable as long as they dont lie about it or try to write when they really cant like Rihanna. I mean, I love the girl she is fly and all but she CANNOT write …

  • truth hurts huh ?

    Bangladesh Sorry but YES IT MATTERS.
    And I think that in a kind of way saying that it doesnt matter who wrote the song is very rude. It is just a way to say you dont respect a writer. Because it is hard to put out of your brain something that makes people think or feel.
    Not just put it out, but also find a way to make the feeling “be” and become. But Bangladesh you dont know that and Beyoncé doesnt know that. Because youre not artists you are sellers. Rest in peace.

  • Beyonce Stan

    Unless you’re there in the studio, you have no right to comment on what Beyonce does or doesn’t write.

    Bangladesh has been involved in TWO songs in Beyonce’s entire career. #enoughsaid

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