Chad OchoCinco Is A Wankster: Tweets About Fake Fight In NYC, Causes Big Stir

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Chad OchoCinco

Hardy-har-har…Chad is such the jokester:

Chad Ochocinco’s response to speculation he tweeted a tall tale about a run-in with an NYC club bouncer is as strange as one of his end-zone dances.

Around midnight on Sunday, the Cincinnati Bengal wrote, via a series of Twitter posts, that he’d been assaulted by the hired muscle at an unidentified nightclub who’d been taunting him with “JETS JETS JETS.” After supposedly riding with the police as they took the bouncer to the station, Ochocinco tweeted: “in ViP with 3 NYPD officers poppin bottles of cranberry n red bull, I went from being outside to having a ball! I luv NY.” (He later tweeted it was “all a joke.”)

Still, the account had the NYPD scratching its heads, with police saying there was no record of such an incident or arrest. Asked about the tweets as he walked into an appearance on Hot 97, the wide receiver turned to a woman in his entourage and said: “The police won’t tell him. Does that make me the mob if I have that much power?” No, but if it’s not true, it would make him as phony as his surname.

SMH. Sounds like some more Chad-like attention whoring. This dude needs to sit his a$s down and focus on leading the Bengals to a winning season next year.



  • tommykimon

    OchoCinco gets a one of his own “chile please” for that one :)

  • kj


  • YIER

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  • Matix B

    He needs to sit his tranny loving azz down. Kick rocks freaky boy….

  • LaDiva

    Don’t see what’s the fascination with him. I’ve seen better looking guys down my street.

  • alisha

    Hmmm, doesnt look right for a black man as masculant looking as that to be saying “chile please” unless…



  • Pisces82

    Chile please..better yet NEGRO PLEASE!!

  • not feelling him

    He so ugly !!!!!! That one ungly nugga !!!!
    and his voice so gay !!!

  • 6 Figgaz

    Something’s wrong with this dude… he ain’t all there.

  • LaDiva


    Lol I’m serious, this guy has an ego on him. Ehh don’t see what for tho…

  • TheseNoGoodDudes

    I agree, he isn’t all there. That show needs to go as well. I think VH-1 stooped to a new low with this one.

  • Dont Think I Won't Hitch Yah--Cause I'm Famous, I believe in KARMA

    Such a waste of air! Where did he come from anyway? This dude is like an allergic reaction. The more you scratch the worst it gets. Ughhh!!

  • LaDiva


    lmfao. Ehhh but there are still some women who will throw themselves to him.

  • Shadow

    I was going to leave a negative comment about 85 but everyone has beat me to it…Dang it…lol

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