Dirty Dog Diaries: Tiki Barber Gets Sued By A Chain Of Fitness Centers For 1 Milli Because He Pretended Like He Was “Happily Married”

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This is comedy:

A chain of cycling fitness centers is suing the former Giants running back for $1 million, charging that he’s stiff-arming their demands he return stock in the company after he got sacked over his scandalous extra-marital romps with a 23-year-old woman.

Tricera Revolution, which operates Flywheel Sports in Manhattan and Sag Harbor, claims the jock-turned-broadcaster’s value as a face for the company was “rendered worthless overnight” with the revelation in April that he ditched his pregnant wife for a former intern at NBC.

“The reaction among the company’s clientele to Barber’s affair has been overwhelmingly negative, especially amongst the business’s core clientele, 25-55 year-old women, many of them married with children,” the suit says.

“Numerous customers have made statements to the company’s representatives condemning Barber and questioning the company’s dealings and continued involvement with him.”

Flywheel honcho David Seldin last year offered Barber a spokesman’s gig and stock in the company, the suit says, because the former Giants great and Ginny Barber were a “happily married, celebrity couple who were known to attend indoor cycling classes together.” “Barber said that Flywheel Sports sounded like something he would want to be involved with and that he and his wife would be very helpful in attracting the targeted market demographic,” says the suit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

According to the suit, Barber told his prospective business partner that his wife “loves to spin” and that she would frequently attend classes with him.

That led to a deal, the suit says, in which the jock was sold 10,000 shares in company stock and agreed to, whenever possible, wear Flywheel Sports gear during his television appearances at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

“Despite the fact that Plaintiff spent hundreds of dollars creating such gear specifically for Barber, Barber never wore any of it on camera at the Olympics,” the suit charges.

He’s also accused of never showing up for a single class at the Flywheel Sports studios and making only minimal mentions of the company on his Twitter feed.

The news of his affair with 23-year-old Traci Johnson turned him into a toxic property for Flywheel, the suit says, making it hard for it to raise money through the sale of its stock.

Barber, who is getting a divorce, is accused of refusing to return his stock shares to the company, even though the suit says his reps later acknowledged knowing his marriage was in shambles when the deal was made.

Poor Tiki.



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