In White Folks News: MTV’s Show ‘The Hills’ Is Some Fake Bullshizz

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Heidi and Spencer Faking It

As if we didn’t already know this, the MTV show the Hills is a fake a** “reality” show. Pop it to see how producers of the season finale revealed the fakeness.

Yawn. Fart. In the corny a** season finale of the popular MTV show, ‘The Hills’, the producers finally told everybody what most of them already knew: The romances were staged, the drama was concocted and it all took place on a Hollyweird set.

The curtain closed, or rather, the veil was lifted on MTV’s “The Hills” last night in the final moments of its series finale. As Kristin Cavallari pulled away, off to Europe to “find” herself, pal and former flame Brody Jenner stood on an empty LA street to watch her go. It was a bittersweet, emotional moment. But then the backdrop rolled away, the cameras panned out, and we saw that Jenner was now standing on a Hollywood lot, surrounded by crews, and that Cavallari’s car was parked just a few feet away. She got out, they hugged, and that was that.

Fans immediately took to Twitter to express their shock, outrage and awe. “The Hills finale made me feel like what it was like when I found out Santa Clause was not real,” wrote SillySarahHilly.

Because of course, it wasn’t all fake (Heidi and Spencer’s marriage is legally documented, for instance), but a certain kind of hybrid that made it the culturally-relevant reality TV show that kept people talking about it for six years. It was told as a traditional narrative, with close-ended episodes that wrapped-up specific storylines with a neat little bow in a nice, thirty-minute package. That couldn’t be done without some story massaging, set-ups, and a little scripting here and there.

Honestly, none of these “reality” shows are real anymore. Although the relationship between Heidi and Spencer’s crazy a**es had to have some truth to it. If not, that was some good acting.



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