Officer Ricky Ross Gives Suspect Interview And Talks Greasy About The “Real” Rick Ross

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Officer Rick Ross Gives Interview But Avoids Questions

There’s something about Ricky Ross that just doesn’t seem authentic. His “gangsta” has been a little suspect since the beginning and a recent radio interview didn’t make things any clearer. Pop it to see Officer Ricky fat a** dance around questions.

And the award for best actor goes to…. Rick Ross! He’s Rick Ross, Big Meech AND Larry Hoover. Officer Ricky has emulated so many dead and incarcerated gangsters HE’s not even sure who he is. The “real” drug kingpin, Rick Ross, sued him for turning his life into a real live rapumentary and rumor has it that Larry Hoover Jr. popped up on the scene to check him at an appearance to promote his album.

Well, it looks like Ricky is still fugazi. In a recent interview with WJLB in Detroit, he was trying to promote his new album Teflon Don, but much to the chagrin of his hosts, he worked really hard not to answer any questions. Even when he was asked to freestyle he came up with excuses. At first he said that he needs to be smoking weed when he raps, but then when they told him to smoke some he said he was already too high. (Spooky side eye)

On being sued by the “real” Rick Ross:

“It was an injunction filed to stop the release Teflon Don, which was denied… AKA Tossed out. That’s the route he chose to go about it, and he gon get what he gon get. And that’s nothing.”

On whether he is a gangster or an entertainer:

“I get money in the entertainment business but we could get gangster at anytime. I don’t want anybody to ever get it twisted. That’s the reason Ross don’t really have no problems in the streets. You see the online thugs and twitter thugs but when it come to reality it’s a whole different game… I don’t even play like that. We do what we do in the music business but when it really comes down to what it really is, that’s why we here. That’s why we out here. Time gone tell that. That’s why I never panick in the midst of adversities because your true fabric gon come out at some point and your true character will stand the test of time.”

On rumors of him being a corrections officer:

“It’s a lot of truth to it. And its a lot of truth to hustling and still getting money. And when you self-made you understand that. If I went broke and had to go to McDonalds and sell fries. If I knew I had the ambition and drive that I do… at that point did I know I was going to build an empire worth $10million… naw.”

He should be 10 pounds lighter from dancing around questions. That should bring him down a cup size. D*mn!

He should at least pay the “real” Rick Ross for giving him someone to emulate. Break that man off with some scrilla Officer Ricky!



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