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Kelis fleshtone

Damn, Kelis!!! You moved like ZERO units, son!!! The results are in, and in the first week…Fleshtone has sold…

A whopping 7,833 copies…peep below:

kelis bad first week

Better luck next time…


  • mm

    Meet single, rich sugerdaddy O N ___Match/ Sugar/__D O T __C/O/M that is the top one club for mixed love..
    Meet single, rich sugerdaddy O N ___Match/ Sugar/__D O T __C/O/M that is the top one club for mixed love..

  • Here to Share Knowledge, Not argue with you

    LOL….why is she even still recording….didn’t Beyonce already do that get up?

  • Martinigal

    OOOOOOOOOh thats bad! Well it’s the first week, lets see what hapen next week and the week after lol.

  • lattho

    well this kelis is a little different from when she first came out. the cd is very techno sounding which is not gonna really be played on the “urban” stations. now go to the hottest gay clubs and i’m sure it will be rocking. side note: i do like “accapella”

  • Ummmmmm.....

    Not surprised, but at least she’s trying to do her thang and not just sitting back collecting checks from Nas…although she’d be homeless without.

  • Redeemed 777

    Lady go home and take care of your son.

    Make songs for your son.

    You are too exposed for the wrong reasons.

  • Redeemed 777

    Go home and be the woman God wants you to be. Take care of your son.

  • Nique( aka Mrs. Aubrey Graham)


  • Ummm Yeah

    That’s what she gets for trying to jump on the “I’m strange” bandwagon.Gaga and Christina already have that on lock. Betta get back to shacking your milkshakes :o)

    • Timmy

      she been strange sweetie. she just went from stange when she came out to more mainstream to really strange so it looks suspicious, but no, she been with it hoe

  • hi MAMA


  • RazeKane

    So, some people prolly just bought the CD just to observe the bling on her album cover and thats it…lol

  • Matix B

    I’m not shocked

  • chaka1

    They gay clubs are rockin Acapella. She should go the gay disco route. She’ll make more money that way.


    LMAO. Ummm who in the hell even knew she had an album out? and when ppl do find out there still not goin to buy it because her new music is just too damn spaced out. her last cd should have gotten hella recognition because she did a great JOB on Kaliediscope and still released the weakest songs off that album besides Bossy. but anywho I still love and respect Kelis creativity and fearlessness no matter the recognition or fame or exposure ma still continues to do her and exactly what she wants regardless if she has a wide spread fanbase. shes simply doin it her way….

  • chaka1

    Then again, she won’t have a choice. No one is going to invest in an act on the downswing…

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