Kimmy Cakes Makes A Pass At Kiyan In Her Wedding Toast To LaLa And Melo

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"Lala and Kim"

No wonder Kiyan be giving Kim Kardashian the dooky face! Kim Kardashian made a toast to LaLa and Carmelo at their wedding, but something was a little off about it. Pop the hood to watch

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Uh… we know it’s supposed to be a joke, but SMH at Kim always having “boyfriends” on the brain! We thought wedding toasts were supposed to be about the couple! Kim made that isht all about herself!

Bron Bron seemed to do a better job with his toast though, don’t you think?




  • Jones7

    Kim is hot!!!

  • She's Nicole

    Kim looks unnatural in the face, kids would be frightened and trying to figure out if she is a mannequin or human.

  • Aunt Viv

    Really Kim?!?!?

  • LaDiva

    Ehhh the mind of a narcissist is pretty boring.

  • Luv Mike Jackson


  • Mzbklyn

    Lmaooo.this pic is priceless he looking like stay away from my dad b$@tch!!!

  • Hot Chocolate :)


  • LaDiva

    @ Mzbklyn


  • dee

    LMAO@ the way the baby is looking at Kim. bwwwaaaahhh!!!


    o boy….her voice annoys me

  • Brian

    I have to hand it to Kim she definitely know how to steal the spotlight, I love Kelly expression definitely shows she wasn’t feeling Kim pretending like she’s the only best friend and looks like she was telling her to pass the mic at the end. I heard LaLa say that Kelly and Ciara was her true best friends. Kelly seem like she was the only friend up there that notice that Kim was only concern about making herself sound good. Kelly seem like she don’t play no games, I see why Kelly pulled away from you know who, another one who believed in stealing the spotlight and we all know who that is and know she is faker than those hundredths of dollars of lace wigs that seem always nappy to me, I think she is the best at that R&B game but off camera she always looking like she’s having a nervous breakdown, homie why your wife style not correcter then that, you want to talk about having the hottest chick in the game. C’mon son you know your girl be looking mad crazy, what’s up with that. I see hotter girls in the hood stop giving her that title unless you mean only on stage. Then I agree with you there son because she can’t be touch on stage. I am convince Lil Ciara is mad clueless she was so business trying to swing that fake hair that she did not even catch what Kim was doing but then again do Ciara ever catch on. Focus Ciara, Focus Lil Mommy!

  • i wish i would

    prostitition W.H.O.OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.R.E
    in my best New Jersey housewives voice
    *flips table*

  • thrasher

    Kim, you are drop dead beautiful. BUT, I can SEE that you have had “some work” done. If I CAN TELL…then that’s not servin the purpose. IT’S VERY ADDICITIVE (like tats) Please seek help, before it gets worse.

  • chaka1

    This self absorbed skank only cares about herself. She has built a “career” off black people accepting her mentally deranged antics.

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