Donald Trump Picks Up Tiger Wood’s Sloppy Seconds

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Donald Trump Hires Rachel Uchitel

Donald Trump has recruited Tiger Woods’ number one jump off Rachel Uchitel to sit on his Trump tower. Obviously, talent isn’t necessary for success anymore. Pop it to hear what he plans to do to her.

F*ckin for tracks has become the new job interview. Rachel Uchitels’ only claim to fame is smashing Tiger Woods, but it is the only credential she needs become famous.

According to TMZ, Donald Trump
— a longtime friend of Tiger’s — personally called Uchitel three weeks ago and offered her a spot on the show …. telling her she’d be “awesome.”

TMZ called Uchitel and asked if she was going to take the offer — and she said, “Absolutely.”

Although NBC has the final say on whether Uchitel will be on the show, The Donald will probably get his way.

Damn! Tiger Woods is so famous, a sample of his man liquid makes other people famous. He should bottle and sell that sh*t to stop the recession.

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