BDR Barges Into A Bar With A Kimora Clone

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Russell Simmons Barges Into Film Screening

Russell Simmons accidentally busted into a bar with his Checky in tow and interrupted a screening. You can pay for school but you can’t buy class. Pop it to see why BDR and his 3rd grade vest barged in.

Russell Simmons and his flavor of the week were shooting his upcoming Oxygen reality show, “Running Russell Simmons” when they reportedly barged into a screening room. According to reports BDR walked in with a full camera crew, lighting equipment and Kimora’s doppelgänger.

To add insult to injury, the NY Post says moviegoers in the screening were aggravated by the interruption and a producer yelled, “Russell, wrong place!” While other attendees yelled, “Never mind that the guy dates similar-looking women. It’s 90 degrees out. Why is he wearing a sweater!”

LOL! He gets NO respect. Somehow, despite being an international mogul he still manages to make a fool of himself every chance he gets. And BDR, if you’re reading this, take them damn kindergarten sweater vests off and pick a chick for cryin’ out loud!


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