Lil Kim Talks Working With Dr. Dre On “Detox”, New Album

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Lil Kim and Dr. Dre

Lil Kim, the Queen Bee, is announcing that she’s staging a comeback and is set to release a new album. In addition to tracks for herself, Kim’s also been in the studio working with Dr. Dre on his long awaited Detox album. Keep reading for details Read More Here


  • Lady_Star


  • Lady_Star

    Guess she’s tryna comeback since someone is tryna come up on her spotlight.

  • Willie Lump Lump




  • http://bossip Tiki Barber

    Might actually buy this joint instead kopping the boot because i`m too lazy to download the joint.

    Yo go KIm . You that real female lyricist even if every tom d.i.c.k. and harry nicca got to ghost write for your lil thick but tiny azz.

  • - raquelhotlover!!

    yay!!!! Kim is gonna come back & show everybody who is a real female rapper!! But i still love you nicki!! I guess i like both. But kim is 10’x better!!

  • lilbabiphat2004

    that picture dre is real extra

  • Rihanna'sSharpNPointyWitchyFingernailsTookTheOath

    …cuz when the queen come to town, everything shut down. I can’t wait, because Kim brings raw hotness, not some bubblegum chipmunk bologna like these other pop stars!

  • Marquis de Sade

    Uhhh, is it me, or does it seems as if Dr. Dre’s “DETOX” has taken on “URBAN LEGEND” (like) status? This reminds me of G n’ Rs’ CHINESE DEMOCRACY. :lol:

  • what_am_iDoing

    LMaoo @ THAT pic of Nurse Dre…fa.G

  • Yvonne

    Can’t wait! Queen Bee in the HOUSE!

    Stay beautiful…

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  • Be Original

    I’m sorry, but is this going to be a remake of “Turn Out the Lights?” If not, why do we need to be reminded of Dre’s World Class Wrecking Crew Days?

  • chaka1


    Waste of money…

  • bklynlady

    Ya’ll just had to put the pic up of when he was with the World Class Wrecking Crew huh? lol
    damn Dre…..I’ve been trying to ignore the Geh rumors…..this sh*t here isn’t helping tho….

  • bklynlady

    Stop telling people so much of whats going on with you in the biz Kim just do the damn thang!!!!

    I cannot WAIT for a single! Kim and Dre is going to be straight FIRE! Do you hear me?!!!!

    and with timbo… man….PUT CHA LIGHTERS UP!

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