X-Tina’s “Bionic” Album Has Sucky Sales, Record Label “Panicking”

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christina aguilera bionic

Poor thang:

Christina Aguilera’s new album, “Bionic,” is doing so poorly, music insiders say her label RCA is in “rescue mode.”
Sales for Aguilera’s fourth album have barely hit 200,000 in five weeks of release. It debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard charts and quickly fell out of the Top 10. (In comparison, Drake’s “Thank Me Later” sold about 450,000 in its first week.) The tepid sales come as Aguilera canceled her summer tour, citing inadequate rehearsal time between the album release and the tour dates. Plus, with the release of her sexually charged video for “Not Myself Tonight” — in which she wore bondage gear and kissed women — critics slammed her as a Lady Gaga knockoff.

An RCA rep denies any panic, saying Aguilera “is a pillar of the RCA Music Group and is an undeniable talent with one of the greatest voices of our time. She continues to push herself as an artist, and we are behind her efforts 100 percent.” Her manager, Irving Azoff, added, “I am the one who deals with the label, and this couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Damn, she should’ve came a little more correct this time around and showing some class as well as showcasing that beautiful voice of hers (especially since she’s a mother now), BUT at least her album isn’t doing as bad as Kelis’. SMH.



  • ashley in va bch

    she shouldn’t have sold her soul

  • Yun Dun Know

    Guess she sold her soul for nothing!

    Eh wellz…..

  • LaDiva

    What happened to the good old days when ppl didn’t have to strip down to their undies just to sell a record…. Smh
    Christina has a beautiful voice so there is no need for her to compete with all these gyrating grade B singers… Let your voice do the selling.

  • Bossip-lovererrrr

    it’s cus she’s trying to be too much like gaga and the music just plain sux

  • Somali Ninga

    Her most occultic album flopped :lol:

  • Allenro

    she has become so irrelevant..so maybe she can use this time to turn her life over to God

  • Ciana

    i never bought a christina qguliera CD after her first pop CD with genie in a bottle,what a girls wants,i turn to u and come on over after that she kept changing her style to much and i never bought a CD after her first CD SHE NEEDS TO TRAVEL BACK TO THE 90s LIKE MONICA AND RELEASE THAT GOOD MUSIC

  • chaka1

    She’s always been chasing after Britney, Mariah or GaGa…

    No one, except Mariah, can sing like her. She needs to hire some decent songwriters and concentrate on quality music. That skank look is played out.

    The last album had some great vocals on it. She better get it together before she gets dropped…

  • http://www.socialliaison.blogspot.com Mel

    Lady Gaga is a copycat of Madonna and Grace Jones. No one ever talks about this. Gaga is NOT original.

    PS. Christina has talent, and this album didn’t do that justice. I liked ‘Back to Basic’ because of the throwback feel, but the albums had too many pop songs thrown in.

    “if anyone remembers she was stealing gaga’s style before she hit it big, christina needs to find her own identity as an artists and stop copying everyone”

  • Maureen

    @chaka1: Good call! You said everything I wanted to say LOL. ;)

  • ..

    real talent(christina) has been replaced with gimmicks and freak shows(gaga). it’s what the people fall for.


    christina is a great singer, whatever happened from the christina from like 2000-2003? she needs to stop this stupidity. and yes, we all know freak shows sell these days, but she just needs to stick to ballads. she has a strong powerful voice. i’m disappointed in her.

  • southern twist

    smdh that’s all

  • bagladey

    Remember her arrogance and her maniacal laugh when someone dared to cough during her interview? I guess the cougher’s having the last laugh on this one.

  • Mz. V

    my gosh…its sad to hear this..speically’ since i’ve recently started to look up to her as a singer…she doesn’t deserve this..i hope she’ll come up again like she should…

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