Kelly Rowland Takes Promo Pics For An Album That Has Been Pushed Back To Damn Near Neveruary

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Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland brought her favorite lace-front out to take some promo pics for her upcoming third album which she now admits won’t be coming out September 21st… We think they’re a little uninspired but we’ll let you be the judge. Pop the hood for another shot and more album news

Kelly Rowland

Fans waiting to hear from Kelly Rowland have to wait awhile because the record has been pushed back until later this year.

Rowland’s self-titled debut with Universal/Motown Records was originally due for release on September 21 but the singer needs more time to complete the project.

And she predicts the record will be ready for a mid-autumn release.

Rowland confirmed the delay to the Big Tigger Morning Show last week saying, “I’m just making sure everything is going to be absolutely perfect… I’m still recording.”

The album will be Rowland’s third solo record since Destiny’s Child announced its split in 2005.

Any guesses about when we’ll actually hear a new Kelly Rowland album? How do you feel about her new pictures?

Maybe letting Shady Baby Daddy Matty Knowles go wasn’t such a good idea after all…



  • maleORdurbwide

    She Preeeety

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    neveruary lol. you all tickle me sometimes…:)

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    and yes she looks good

  • LaDiva

    Smh…She just can’t get a freaking break huh.

  • n_satiable

    I’m not really feeling either one of the pics. Kelly is a gorgeous girl, and personally I think she looks much better with short hair and more understated makeup.

  • BadAzz

    I love her music good things comes to those who wait…it will be all worth it once it comes out!

  • Sha

    The classic wind blowing through hair! lol She looks good though.

  • Poor Kelly

    Kelly just does not get it. A career change is in order!!

  • i know the truth

    she has fans?

  • J

    It’s ALWAYS a good idea to get rid of Shady Matty!!! Never regret that whatever you do Kelly!

  • ShawtyWhereYouAt

    Kelly Rowland Has Fans…Must Be The Beyonce Haters, That Are Kelly Fanss.


    I’d hit that!

  • Tiphanie

    “Maybe letting Shady Baby Daddy Matty Knowles go wasn’t such a good idea after all…” Hell, she wasn’t selling sh*t when she had his shady azz as a manager. Which is a shame because I think she’s a pretty talented artist. So maybe she just needs to try something else. Maybe get into acting or modeling or something.

  • styles

    her weave weigh more than she does…she still pretty though.

  • Nicky

    I am a Kelly fan and I am not a Beyonce hater. Is it impossible to like someone else’s music as well as Beyonce? Yes it is :P

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