Random Flicks Gallery-Chris Bosh, Jaden Smith, Lebron James House

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  • Here to Share Knowledge, Not argue with you

    So Chris has a new more exotic looking girlfriend???….this is not the same one that heckled LeBron James all night during a Raptors game….she was a tad bit more ‘hood….

  • 100% MALE

    SHE’S HOT!!

  • Rainbow

    She is not hot!!! She is so damn short.

  • http://lecoil.tumblr.com/ Educated Goon

    I thought she was white.. but the more I look at her she looks black.. Anyone else?

    • Bryson Micheals

      Educated? what makes you think this woman is black? can you honestly say you know a black female that looks like her? Whoopi Goldberg, Venus Williams, now thats a black woman!

  • Mschocolate

    cute couple

  • t.t

    shes ugly….and she is not black

  • why

    what race got to do with her being good looking or not?

    she looks good to me….yeah she short but Bosh also hella tall….

    she’s good looking….dudes saying she not are prolly more interested in Bosh….SMH

  • comeonnow

    comeonnow….First this dude get Lebron to sign with Miami and give up his entire legacy. He sign him to a $115 mill contract on the franchise. Then turn around and unload a $50million house on him in this market?? Man Pat Riley must be a damn hypnotist cause LBJ is officially the dumbest ni99a alive…comeonnow

  • Devotee@sukmeoff.com

    I hope bron bron got hurricane and tidal wave insurance

  • http://lecoil.tumblr.com/ Educated Goon

    Nah I am pretty certain she is half blk.. But real talk, we all know damn well she wouldnt be with Bosh if he wasn’t “Chris Bosh”.

    Amazing what money will do… I’m not saying she is a gold digger.. But money will make you at least give a guy a chance that you wouldn’t normally.

  • Uneducated SP!C

    She is black and her name is Adrienne Williams from Cleveland. I don’t blame her for going after the money I would too.


    I love that he is cupping Elise Neal’s right boob in that picture while holding Vivica at the waste, look and Elisa cheesing. Where was his GF when he took this shot. Hmmmm!

  • Jim Hanson

    Where do you get suits like that when your 7 feet tall?

  • Curious1 aka Pretty Girl Swag

    LOL..at these posts…no comment…

  • KING

    She is a beautiful black woman but much too short for Chris. They look stupid together with his height towering over her like she’s a child. But he’s got money so she ain’t going nowhere.

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