Dondria’s New Video “Shawty What’s Up” Featuring Johnta And Diamond With A “SWEET” Little Cameo By Devyne Stephens

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Dondria's New Video: Shawty What's Up

Dondria’s video for her second single “Shawty What’s Up” dropped over the weekend on MTV Jams. This is definitely a little different from the first jawn “You’re the One”. The video doesn’t really do the song any justice but we want to know what you think…

Hate It or Love It?!?!

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  • baby

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    Her stuff sounds so 10 years ago and her target audience is not going to buy her album so what is they point? LOL

  • Ella

    she’s really cute and Diamond is really cute too. uummm that’s all I got.

  • selfhelp910

    Sounds very unoriginal…not even catchy.

  • Somali Ninga


  • Over it...

    Didn’t SoSo Def do this same type of music back in the 90’s?! The girl can sing so why not give her better music?!

  • Bri

    Not feeling it. Is J.D. the new Diddy? Because this song could destroy this girls career. And Diamond look nice, but she needs to be more feminine in her dress.

  • Nikki

    I hope the rest of the album is better

  • Sooliee

    This was okay actually, yeah it’s a bit outdated and I’m sure they could have stepped their budget up a little cos it looks cheap as anything but still it’s OKAY. Quite sub-standard if I do say so myself but alright.

  • Just wondering...

    And also I know Johnta is corny as hell, but dayum he is SO HOT!!

  • !!!!!


  • shon Jones

    i like keep it up ….

  • RMEs

    Who are these ppl and y should I care?

  • P Diddy

    Man I remember her on you tube. She seemed like a sweet girl and she could really sing. I wanted her to be succesful but not like this.

    She is singing out non-sense and it does not fit her. What does she know about buying guys drinks before sleeping with them?

    It is sad that the music industry thinks tha this is what people want to hear.

    She has a lot of talent and I hope that it is not wasted. She seems too sweet to be turned out so fast.

  • CECE

    hmmmm all i gotta say is .utube. c o m /cedellapopo,……..u know how to spell it lol

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