Drake Pulls A Trey Songz And Gets It In With A Fan On Stage But Makes Sure She’s 18!!!

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Drake Kisses a Fan During Concert

Drake, constantly proving his manhood, pulled a fan up on stage to give her the full experience of “Last Name Ever, First Name Greatest”. Instead of making the mistake of getting it in with a minor, Drake made sure his fan was of age. He dayyumm near kissed her everywhere you could imagine except for a couple of places like where the sun don’t shine…

Pop the Top for a Peek

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Practice makes perfect. This little dude has probably been working on his _______________ game with Nicki Minaj

You can tell


  • http://almightymusicguru.ning.com Kwesi

    Im glad he didnt kiss her on the lips. U dont no what anybody got. But my ni99a drake got game

  • F U

    Does no one find it odd that Drake and Trey Songz, two rumored homosexuals are always making out with girls ONSTAGE and doing all this extra stuff? Clearly trying to send a message and usually when people do that it means the rumors are true. Can you overcompensate.

  • MissNiaG

    whatever…Follow me twitter/MissNiag…Holla

  • youngstyleon

    That girl looked too young.. i doubt she was 18!!

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  • Seductive

    wow that was…..*high pitch holy sound* she is so lucky haha

  • Lady_Star

    @F U – I fully agree!!

  • kalifa


  • Joseph

    Dude is corny, Kwesi, you sound like a little homo.

    Little cartoon is getting gassed and doing silly things, that really wasnt needed to embarasse the chick like that. corny dudes nowadays and he think he trey songs now, ROFL, pulling females on stage like he smooth.

    I can see female fans but these male fans are some hom0s, this was a corny episode of many more corny episodes. Cant respect a cat like this for doing these goofy antics. Lame my dude lame, and I liked this kid.

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  • khera allen

    He made that girl’s day! Good job Drake!

  • nana

    I keep tellin u guys drake is not gay! He’s jus a cornball n jus goofy around women. He’s growin up and still excited bout gals. Bwahahahah, but I like the kid. There’s something bout that’s genuine. Keep ur head up dreezy!!!!!!!!

  • LaDiva

    Blehhhhh moving on

  • Nique( aka Mrs. Aubrey Graham)

    Im so thru with this post…smh

  • Illnana


  • the real Mrs Audrey Graham

    @niqeul if ur so true y r u here?? Be gone…BYE!!! Hehehehhehee

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