A. Keys And Swizzy To Wed Soon, Alicia Discusses How “Gorgeous” It Is To Be The Mother Of A Child

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Alicia Keys Swizz Beatz in Love Wedding Before Baby

Alicia Keys will soon be graduating from homewrecker to housewife:

Grammy-winning artist Alicia Keys and record producer Swizz Beatz will tie the knot this summer— before their bundle of joy enters the world.

“They’re planning a celebration in Europe very soon,” an insider reveals to Life & Style. “It will be a star-studded celebration,” with Jay-Z and Beyoncé among the celebrity guests. In fact, Alicia, who is five months pregnant, has already settled on a dress for the big day. “She’s decided on a Vera Wang gown and has been eyeing Christian Louboutin shoes,” a second insider tells Life & Style.

What are loved ones saying about the pending union? “They make a great couple,” a close friend tells Life & Style. “They’re perfect for each other.” As for the mama and bride-to-be: “I love children and I love family,” she says. Congrats to the happy couple!

Good for them. Alicia talks about loving children and motherhood:

‘I love children and I love family and I love that interaction. Because I had a really close relationship with my mother I understand that deep powerful love, and it’s so beautiful. To be a mother to a child is the most brilliant gift, it’s gorgeous. I’m definitely in a place where I have a different sensibility about things.’

I remember how I used to be: “I’m going on the road and I’m back when I’m back and I’m probably gone a long time.” I felt that that’s what I needed to do and nothing could stop me. There was no amount of love – no amount of anything – that could drag me down. That was then. And now there is a desire in me to have more stability.’

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  • @iGuess

    I’m sure Mashonda felt the same way when she was pregnant with their first child…that is until she came along & helped break that up. LOL I respect Alicia as an artist(barely), but as a person…sorry you lost my respect. Any female that knows the situation of a man and goes against that…one word simply put……….karma.


    Well its very good that she is happy about being a mmother becasu ethat will never change, now her relationship ship status, hmmm………….. we shall see as the world turns

  • Somali Ninga

    Shes making a big mistake marrying a guy with 3 baby mommas :S



  • LaDiva

    For one who played a part in dismembering a family, Alicia is not one for talking about family. And I’m sure it will hurt like a bytch when it comes back to her too.

    On another note, there is nothing in the world like being a mommy. Hands down the most incredible feeling to have is to be with your child and know that a part of them is in u and a part of u is in them.

  • Jesse

    Damn! Don’t she look happy.

  • http://undressingher.com undressingHER

    wow, there are a lot of women who are very MAD about this. It’s sad. Alicia can’t break up a family, only the people in it can. So rather it was her, or Lashekia, or Melissa…Swiss was not happy at home, or maybe he was, but not satisfied. I don’t think women realize how many men would leave their woman/wife if they could afford to AND had the option of “upgrading” (whatever they feel an upgrade is).

  • j

    Still bothered by this union, but I wish her a succesful pregnancy, I’m sure she’ll be a great mother.

  • @iGuess

    @undressingHer Speaking for myself…I wouldn’t say i am mad at the situation. I’m moreso irritated at the fact that she takes no responsibility in the matter. I do agree with you on the it’s between the two actually in the marriage to keep the home together, however you can’t say that someone stepping in and helping aid you away from your significant other is not at fault. That’s saying Alicia is completely innocent in the whole thing and it was completely Mashonda & Swizz’s fault. Not so…sorry, I’m not buying that. If I know we have problems in our marriage and under the assumption you’re still being faithful only to find out you’re stepping out…what about that would make me want to continue to work things out with you?? Especially, when you have done embarassed & humiliated me not only to my friends and fam, but to the world. Not mad at all…just never had respect for females (notice not saying “women”) that do such things knowing a man is involved. Don’t care where the status in a relationship is…if it’s not DIVORCED & finalized…hands off. The relationship can still be salvaged until those papers have been received.

  • Courtney

    you can’t help who you fall in love with for example when a certain oscar winning actress fell in love with her late husband he was married with two little kids and a third on the way so she tried to ignore her feelings for him because she was also friends with his wife and had come from a broken home herself but eventually the marriage imploded though for a long time while they lived together hush/hush the first wife refused a divorce until Joanne turned up pregnant with her & Paul’s actaul first child the one she later miscarried at 4 1/2 months or roughly there about during their honeymoon thankfully Alicia & Swizz haven’t had to go through that because it was alot easier for managment to buy off press in the old days to keep a pregnancy loss quiet but they eventually had 3 daughters and were married nearly 51 years when he passed away 9/26/2008 the day before their middle daughter Melissa’s 47th birthday

  • LaDiva

    @ @iGuess


  • ashley in va bch

    i try not to judge anybody but its hard to look at her the same way

  • tiptap

    she took swizzy clothing to africa to do some voodoo on it and then she took him to seal the deal smh he under a spell

  • wildcherry666

    Now this fake Osama bin Laden looking clown is now taking control over her music empire. They have not even said I do yet but he couldn’t wait to start messing in her financial affairs. Swizz is a straight pimp who is using Keys. If this swindler can’t even handle paying his state and federal taxes what makes you think he can manage her affairs. Keys deserves every thing bad that will happen to her. This is the beginning of her downfall.

  • @iGuess

    @LaDiva lol thank you @tiptap lol ha! @courtney thats another thing im not buying. the whole “i couldnt help it”. thats like a man/woman saying “i just gotta have it”, so if the other party isnt giving it…they go out and get it. its called “self control”! embrace it! i mean granted we all have our different opinions on the matter and we’re entitled to them, but this is just a subject to where alot of people try to justify actions. i believe in calling a spade a spade. right is right and wrong is wrong. it kinda goes back to the old saying about karma in this type of situation…”how you met the man is how you will lose him.”

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