Guess Who Is Supposedly Hittin This??

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Shay the UK Bombshell

The chick in the photograph above is Shay The UK Bombshell. Shay has 30-Double-J breastesess and is rumored to be dating a pretty well-known rapper.

Pop it to find out who is having the pleasure of soaking up these big boobied loins:

Shay the UK Bombshell

“They say” your boy Kanye West has been tearing this piece down for a minute. Hmmmm….Damn Yeezy, from Alexis, to Amber, to this…SMH.

Indulge in more images of Shay The UK Bombshell HERE



  • resurrected

    At least she is blackish because he is losing all of his mother influence in his life.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    “30-Double-J breastesess”…very ummmm buoyant!! lol she’s pretty though ye.

  • kily

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  • patrick

    got damm

  • patrick

    got dammm

  • LaDiva

    The girl is pretty… no hating here.. moving on.

  • GodisLove

    First! not surprising

  • Cj

    I aint saying she a gold digger……

  • Tee

    Man, back got to be killing her every now and then. She’s blessed tho. Women pay thousands to get breast like that. Ain’t mad atcha.

  • Miss Tahbee

    Wow. Kanye gt game. He should bottle it up and sell it

  • RazeKane

    All tits and no azz atall…almond shaped eyes got me mezmerized though.

  • RazeKane

    T $ T S

  • drenk

    KANYE needs a new beard or else the gayfish rumors will come back

  • Tiff

    She looks very trashy. How do you go from class to trash? Ie; Alexis, Amber, this thang! More power to them both! When Kanye finds himself again, hopefully, he comes with something better than this.

  • Pasha

    It has be true ’cause I heard about this a while back. She’s pretty..sluhtty but pretty.

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