When A 30-Year High School Reunion Trip Turns Fatally Wrong

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Defarra Gaymon NJ HS Reunion

Something in this story sounds a tad bit fishy:

DeFarra Gaymon’s weekend was supposed to be fun-filled. The 48-year-old CEO was traveling from Georgia to New Jersey to celebrate his 30th high school reunion with friends and former classmates from Montclair High School. No one could have predicted the tragic turn his trip would take.

According to the Essex County Sheriff’s Office, Gaymon was shot and killed Friday evening at Newark’s Branch Brook Park during a “tussle” with an undercover police detective, but it is unclear what led to the incident. The detective, whose name has not been released, went to the park around 6 p.m. to investigate reports that people were engaging in sexual activity in public.

He ended up firing a single bullet into Gaymon’s chest while trying to arrest him on charges related to the original call, authorities told The Star Ledger. The married father of four died later that evening at University Hospital. His profile on the website LinkedIn lists him as the president and CEO of the Atlanta City Employees Credit Union. The detective, who was uninjured, was treated at the same hospital and medicated because he was “very traumatized” by the whole ordeal, the prosecutor’s office said.

The shooting in currently under investigation, and is the third law-enforcement related shooting in Newark this week and the fifth in the past month.

Wow. We know it gets grimy in Brick City, so why in the heezie was this guy ‘tussling’ with one-time over having sex in a park? And why in the world was it necessary for the cop to kill a man for such???



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  • Grammar School


  • AlphaMale47

    WHITE COP!!!!!!!!! KNOW IT

  • LaDiva

    R.i.p… damn I know where this is at too.
    Brick City aint no joke.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    ^^agreed but i’ll leave that alone out of respect for the dead. cops out of control. i better slow down and stop speeding or i could be next!

  • RazeKane

    Grammar school…you wrong for that (slight snicker). RIP

  • LaDiva

    @ that damn sh#$ disturber

    U from Brick City?

  • candi

    i knew there would be an unoriginal joke about his last name.

    anyway, the man sounds as if he was unarmed, so what’s the need for shooting to kill in this instance? i mean if he was that out of control you’d like they would use a tazer. or call for back up. something other than firing a gun in his chest. at least the man would still be alive had other means for gaining cooperation been used.

  • loc

    He does look gay but he didn’t deserve to die r.I.p.

  • HOtsy TOTsy


  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    @ ladiva
    nope but these cops seem to be getting out of hand everywhere.

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    i was agreeing with grammar

  • It's Me

    Damn got dig some more to get the truth out. Sounds strange folks. RIP

  • b-nice

    Strange occurrence of events! Sounds a bit suspicous….The truth will come out it always does….

  • Pisces82

    Hmmm, I’ll reserve my comment until more details emerge, but I will say this the DL lifestyle is getting out of control. God bless his family.

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