Ho Sit Down: Tom Vilsack Offers “Personal And Profound” Apology To Shirley Sherrod, Messy Jesse And Permed Up Al Weigh In

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“Too late” for this BS now, Tom:

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told reporters this afternoon that he has offered a “personal and profound” apology to Shirley Sherrod for forcing her to resign as a result of an out-of-context video posted to a conservative website. Vilsack was adamant that the decision to fire Sherrod was his and his alone, saying “the buck stops with me, as it should.” He said he made a “very hasty decision which I deeply regret” and that he will “have to live with that for a long, long time. “I did not think before I acted and for that reason this poor woman has gone through a very difficult time,” he said. “This was my decision, and I made it in haste.”

In discussing why he wanted Sherrod to accept his offer to work in the USDA, Vilsack said she has “an extraordinary history of helping individuals in trouble.” He said “she has a unique set of skills that I think would assist and help USDA in trying to turn the page in our civil rights chapter, which has been difficult.”

SMH. You know Messy Jesse and Permed Up Al had to throw in their two cents:

Black leaders piled on Wednesday in criticizing Sherrod’s ouster. The Rev. Jesse Jackson called on the administration to apologize and give Sherrod her job back. The Congressional Black Caucus, with 42 members of Congress, called for Sherrod to be reinstated immediately.

However, the Rev. Al Sharpton said black leaders should refrain from calling for an apology from the Obama administration, saying that creates the impression that black leadership is fractured. “We are only greasing the rails for the right wing to run a train through our ambitions and goals for having civil and human rights in this country,” Sharpton said.

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  • CUNY Graduate

    Although what she said is inappropiate she should just apologize and move on. I am not completely upset with her because given her background with racism she may understandably have resentment towards white people. But with someone of her stature she should have kept those comments to herself or at least word it in a way that she can still convey her message without coming across as offensive.

  • CUNY Graduate

    @We “Blacks” Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    What she said was not out of context. CNN played the whole footage and she was being inappropiate throughout her speech. She kept saying “dealing with their kind”, “a white lawyer would know how to handle a white farmer”. She made the issue which was originally an issue about the disadvantages of rural farmwarker in the agriculture sector ALL ABOUT RACE. Someone in her position should know better than to bring her personal sentiments which were both racist and prejudice in a public forum. Racism is not just limited to whites against blacks it can go either way.

  • white male

    I would not ask for a loan from this chick

  • AnonymousGal

    white male – if your little desperite azz was in need you would, cracker.

  • AnonymousGal


  • AnonymousGal

    @CUNY – you’re talking about someone of her stature should keep their comments to themselves. You tell those white boys that are always taking sh*t about blacks the same thing. People like you partner with the devil and then have the nerve to criticize blacks when one tells it like it is.

  • Kristina

    Yes her comments were taken out of context and no she should not have been fired. But I really don’t like jesse jackson nor al sharpton. And lol@ AnonymousGal, tell it girl!

  • ReALiSt aKa ReALeSt (PReTTy FaCeD A$$a$$iN!!!)

    I knew permed up Al Sharpton will end up being the only traitor in the house – if it ain’t about money – permed up Al Sharpton won’t get involved..

    What black leadership is he talking about??? The same black leadership that sold their soul to the white man for money, and ceremonial posts?? F*ck black leadership – it’s 2010, we don’t need leaders… Every black person should be their own leader…

    All the black leaders in the last 30years have failed us – they’re all informants… F*ck every single of them, and F*CK NAACP…

  • Candid Canuck

    smack the chin fat off gramps

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  • bluekid

    @ We “Blacks” Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    So true! So true! I concur 100%!

  • bluekid

    @ imjustsayin

    I felt the same way when I heard what the NAACP said about this woman. That was sad, how they lynched her with out hearing the whole story and with out speaking to her personally.

    I wonder about the people, who have been working with Ms. Sherrod all this time, it was like she had n.o.b.o.d.y, on her side to differ with what was said about her.

    Ms. Sherrod went from being a racist to a sweet lady all with in 24 hours. know way I would take any job from them clowns, knowing how they really feel about me.

  • ReALiSt aKa ReALeSt (PReTTy FaCeD A$$a$$iN!!!)

    What’s good sister??? I feel you on the new black panther ish.. These racist crackaz especially Megyn Kelly, Bill O’Reilly, and Fauxnews are going all out to kill this group in its infant stage.. The group is not really that strong but they’re trying to bring it down but the same racists won’t do nothing about the tea party racist mu.tha.f*ckers…

    They’ve got black people on the choke hold, and where are the so-called “leaders?”

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