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BDR, his niece Angela Simmons, and her boo Bow Wow hit up Russell’s Argyleculture Fashion Week event.  Angela and Lil Bow Weezie have been pretty tight these days. He’s hittin that even though he looks like he could be her little brother.

A little more coming at cha in 1…



  • JJ


  • JJ

    What, blog rookie of the year, I came in 1st. cool.

  • Re (It's Ramadan time and I'm light-headed)

    Aw, those sisters are truly beautiful :-)

  • Sawyer

    I’m not even gonna hate on the lil homie today but I will say he got the wrong sister! The other one is a banger for real! Venesa, whassss up?!

  • JJ

    Yes they are!

  • JJ

    @Sawyer, I don’t know, from the show Angela seems like the cool, fun one.

  • JJ

    How could people even refer to him as “Ms?”

  • Jamdown

    yeah Vanessa is also my fav. She is definitely the best looking one… Love ya Vanessa

  • fasfafg

    What is the name of that shirt that Lil Bow Wow is wearing, and where can I get it. On or offline……..


  • texas_thickness

    I thought Superheads had dibbs on lil bow weezy they look like Jack in the bean stallk she is a giant over his little ass

  • Oshie

    She let him touch her Pastries.

  • Bird

    I hope lil Miss Angela is just having fun and using Bow Wow for some rebound relief. Bow Wow doesn’t strike me as quality boo material.

  • PLAYING DIANA ROSS, I'M THE BOSS & THIS IS HOW IT'S GONE' BE(sxyQblondie..if I can make it thru


  • Official TimeHater

    Bow Wow must beat those cakes something fierce..I mean he stays pullin trim for someone with such tired music….

  • Bird

    Where dey do dat at?!

    I thought on Run’s House she was suppose to be talking to Terry the skater guy?!


    Terry either did or tried to get it popping with his ex while he was with Angela and the ex told on him. They busted him on a three way or something like that.

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