Usher Turns On His Rico Suave Rapping Skills For New Jawn Featuring Bun B… “Get In My Car”

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usher and bun b new music: Get In My Car

Usher hit us with the his R&B style, then played with the dance music and now he’s rappin?!?! His new jawn featuring Bun B “Get In My Car” is very very very ___________ for him but then again, when Usher’s competitor Trey Songz is spitting out 16 bars… What else is Usher left to do?!??

Take a Listen

Usher ft. Bun B “Get In My Car”:

Usher keeps going with these girl on girl lyrics…


  • freddy

    IDK IDK!

  • Barbiekilla Fivethousand

    I like it Usher. Gay songz is a knock off…it’e Kels beeches!

  • Ur L.A. chick

    ummmm…it’s kinda cute!

  • ok???

    Its ok, not the best Ive heard.

  • whatintheworld10

    Trey is not his competitor.. stop.. Trey is trash and he is not talented at all.. These lil girls just think he is cute. And thats about all he has going for him.. Trey cannot sing.. Im sorry.. He proved at the BET awards!

  • David

    I like Trey songs, but he is not Usher…The media tried to hate on his album when it first came out, now I hear a new song on the radio every week that came off that album. I haven’t heard anything else for Trey??

  • 2dimplzs

    I like it. And I prefer Usher’s voice over Trey Songz ANY DAY!!!!

    UGK FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!! What’s up Bun B????


    Yeah there is too much HYPE surrounding Trey. I agree with @ whatintheworld10

  • ShawtyWhereYouAt

    Blahhh. Trey Songz is NOT even in the same category as Usher!!!! Smh.

  • ShawtyWhereYouAt

    Usher is THE BEST. Love him!!!! Loveee The Song:))) Yeahh Man!

  • http://urnotpdiddyloser 5'10" AKILLAH RICHARDS

    Competitor? ha! no competetion for Usher.

  • Matix B:



  • Matix B:

    Trey Thongs can’t even sing…….Y UUUUP

  • Alexander

    His songz are stupid and you know that he plagirized Miss Chocolate by Lil John; Mario and R Kelly, if you listen to it closely it’s almost the same tune. Trey needs to get sued and his management team will pay soon.

    Gay Songz is dead

  • auntdogganauntfail

    I don’t like this song *pause* I like Bun B’s rap but that’s about it

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