Is A Good Woman Hard To Find?

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Good Woman

According to some men, finding a good woman isn’t as easy as we would like to believe. We often hear complaints, from our girlfriends or even ourselves, about the lack of quality men in the choosing pool. Well, news flash ladies, some men have the same argument. Just because you’re educated, self-sufficient, and consider yourself a ‘trophy,’ doesn’t mean men are as impressed as you think.

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  • Proud

    I would like to know what men consider to be qualities of a good woman?

  • Ejay

    IMO, Men are easy to please. Sex, kindness and having a women who is a go getter is all I needed. Fortunately, I found it!

  • Proud

    I feel I am a woman of good qualities. But I do think one reason especially why black women and men have a difficult times in good relationships of the understanding are key qualities a person must have to make the ideal in relationship.

  • Educated Goon

    ^^ some idiot just had to bring up race. Sheesh drink bleach already

  • STFU

    damn near impossible these days

  • 1991 UK (The gem of Africa)

    Well only a good man will be able to find a good woman and Vice-versa

  • Darkesthourgla ss

    some idiot just had to bring up race. Sheesh drink bleach already
    In a few hours 97% of this thread is gonna be about race. “Black women ain’t shyt” “White women ain’t shyt.” You know the drill.

  • R_U_Trying_To_Prove_Her_Right?

    Rather than post MY comment, I went to the ORIGINAL article online and copied THIS comment from a young lady named “Mimi”. I found HER comments more compelling than anything that I COULD come up with:

    Mimi7/23/10, 16:19:pm

    If I was a man, would I date any one of my friends? My answer to that question is, I would date only one of my friends (I have a total of five good friends). The four that I wouldn’t date, I have a perfect reason:
    Friend ‘A’ is too busy trying to be a socialite and is more interesting in mingling with up and comers, to be invested in any relationships.
    Friend ‘B’ and ‘C’ are married: B is a mother of two children and C is a newlywed.
    Friend ‘D’…to put it bluntly…she is a h*e. I know I shouldn’t classify my friend like that, but it is the best way to describe her. She thinks being sexually available to her “friends” makes her entitled to be loved.
    Now, do I think I am suitable to be loved? Nope.

  • Proud

    And so I brought up race what?! This is a black site anyway. Did you instantly die because I brought it up did you?!

  • Ejay

    Proud. They weren’t talking about you!

  • See now thats your problem.....

    When a man is ready to have a companion for life he’ll learn to befriend, listen and enjoy the company of a women without seeing them as potential notches on his headboard. The signs of a man not ready for a serious relationship are obvious to most women and the good thing for them is that some women don’t care. However that good woman, that one that you wake up every morning next to, loves you as unconditionally as you do her does.

  • Allie

    Darkesthourgla ss: EXACTLY

    Sometimes, men and women don’t realize when they have a good person standing right in front of them, and when they finally realize it, it’s too late..really take time to analyze the people in your life

  • 1TruDiva w/the PlatinumVocals--I'm just too good to be true!!!

    I would date me!!!!

  • Allie

    ***a n a l y z e***

  • Hold That Thought!!

    No, she isnt!

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