True Or False?!??: Kanye West Stole The Lyrics To “Stronger” And Earned $40+ Million Off Of It!!!

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Kanye West and Wince P.

Kanye West has been in the court room just as much as the studio lately. First going through the madness with Suge Knight and now he’s about to be in front of a judge for stealing lyrics… According to producer and songwriter Vince P., Kanye’s track “Stronger” wouldn’t have made the same impact if Yeezy didn’t steal some of his lyrics.

Yes… You read it right!!! Bossip had an exclusive interview with Vince P. so he could set the record straight about who, what when and why!!!

Vince P. Interview:

Stronger – Kanye’s Version vs. Vince’s Version:


  • da real one

    that is real foul Kayne,not original yo, he is dead wrong for that.

  • Cleveland Sux

    Listened to both of them. Not only do the songs sound nothing alike.This fool, Vince P. just exposed how untalented he is.

  • loc

    Who is this clown and who is he trying to fool? His song sounds like sh.t

  • Shannon

    Hell, the roseanne theme song had that lyric for a minute lol. And he just now noticing that ‘stronger’ was a hit? Where he been, prison?

  • jay

    if you are a music conasewer and study music very carefully you’ll see that kanye clearly if not stolen most definitely borrowed lyrics the music key signatures are not the same the tempo is not the same even the syncopation is not same but if you break it down song concept there is most definitely a strength in similarities vince p has a strong case and as a musicologist vince definitely has validity now my personal opinion ! Kanye is a great artist and a huge bully if you don’t think so ask taylor swift ask vince p ask any chicago artist america think deeply pay attention the answers are there

  • Ron,Black and Rock

    Haa haa this clown need to kill himself.C’mon son.Get real.

  • M3@9@N

    He deceided to sue in 2010 ova stronger frm 2007?? He compared dat shyt for three years??

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  • Oishi

    Beats don’t sound the same but kanye basically used daft punks song for his beat. Lyrically I can see similarities but what really stands out to me is that Kate moss reference (as seen mentioned in other blogs). I don’t think i’v ever heard a rapper mention her. Actually, considering how skinny she is, I’m surprised she would ever appear in a rap song. Still kanye’s been known to steal music… Lupe, rhymefest, etc

  • itsmy business

    Kanye also stole music for the song “good life” Dana Staggs is the original artist.

  • Say Shut Up One Mo Gin

    Yeah it’s a stretch on ole boys part to just now bring it up and for the Kate Moss reference, can’t never say what a person won’t do. That’s Kanye’s style that the way he uses metaphoric phrases and similes went he conveys his music. You would know that if you’ve been listening since college “Drop Out”.

  • Edward

    I dont know if this would stand in court but I believe it is true. Kanye is not original at all, even his early works (i.e. Jesus Walks) were stolen from another artist. As far as this Vince P waiting 3 years to sue, I would have waited also…I mean who wouldn’t hesitate to sue a huge artist such as Kanye.

  • htown_chick

    Jay do u know what a period and comma was invented for? Damn u dumb

  • Reggie G

    Ultrakid, the correct word is “liar”. You should work on your spelling and grammer. Its amazing how butchering the english language can completely repudiate the validity of your point. As far as the lawsuit is concerned, I’m sure there’s evidence indicating Vince P made the song prior to Kanye’s version. If not, anyone can quickly make up a song similar to any popular hit with the intent to pursue a lawsuit. Your argument makes no sense.

  • fiascofan

    don’t believe this crap.
    I can’t recall the song but kanye sampled this song from somebody. I highly doubt kanye would steal from whack artists he’s just trying to make money cuz his songs won’t make them.
    This pisses me off cuz kanye is one of the best

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