Mario Shows His Assets After Showing Up Late For A Concert In Rochester, NY

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Mario Punches Sound Guy at Concert

Mario was supposed to perform at the music festival in Rochester, NY along with Anthony Hamilton and Dru Hill. Since Mario felt there was no need to show up for sound check, he decided to show his assets and punch the sound guy in the face when his mic messed up?!?!

Sounds Like Someone Has A Case Of The Yeezy?!??

According to one of our readers that attended the show, here’s what they had to say:

Just wanted to tell you about good ole Mario.We had a music festival in Rochester NY.The line up was Mario, Anthony Hamilton , Dru Hill .The festival was alright , it started late and we now all why. Mario, didn’t show up to sound check , and arrived at the event late…he was supposed to go one before Dru Hill, but since he didn’t come on time, he had to perform after them. So after he perform a few songs, he sounded was mess, (since he never showed up for MIC CHECK ) they cut his mic and his set was over and because he showed up late that caused the show to go late. They cut his time, which cause Mario to start swinging, it was a mess.

Sources say Mario started throwing bows at the sound guy. Sounds like Mario has caught a case of the Yeezys and it seems that only thing these two had in common were their women, Amber Rose and Dez… SMH!!!


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