Big Brother Is Watching: Walmart’s New Smart Tags Can Follow Yo A** Home

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Wal Mart Is Evil

Wal-Mart is officially evil. The controversial retail giant has invented an inventory tag that will track your purchases all the way home… and then retrieve your identity from your license to track you! Pop it to see why new “smart tags” need to be “rolled back”.

Wal-Mart is on some ill sh*t. According to USA Today, they have created a new “smart tag” that uses a radio frequency to send a signal to everything you buy. The signal can be transmitted very quickly, allowing them to scan every item in your cart at one time. Sounds good, right? Wrong! They can’t be turned off so they also track customer movements and link to licenses that have RFID tags in them. (Word?! Licenses have RFID tags in them?) Even worse, the data it retrieves from your license can give them access to other sensitive personal information.

Wal-Mart Stores (WMT) is putting electronic identification tags on men’s clothing like jeans starting Aug. 1 as the world’s largest retailer tries to gain more control of its inventory. But the move is raising eyebrows among privacy experts.

The individual garments, which also includes underwear and socks, will have removable smart tags that can be read from a distance by Wal-Mart workers with scanners. In seconds, the worker will be able to know what sizes are missing and will also be able tell what it has on hand in the stock room. Such instant knowledge will allow store clerks to have the right sizes on hand when shoppers need them.

The tags work by reflecting a weak radio signal to identify the product. They have long spurred privacy fears as well as visions of stores being able to scan an entire shopping cart of items at one time.

Although Wal-Mart boasts about the efficiency of the new smart tag, Katherine Albrecht, director of a group called Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering says “This is a first piece of a very large and very frightening tracking system”

Albrecht worries that Wal-Mart and others would be able to track movements of customers who in some border states like Michigan and Washington are carrying new driver’s licenses that contain RFID tags to make it easier for them to cross borders.

Albrecht fears that retailers could scan data from such licenses and their purchases and combine that data with other personal information. She also says that even though the smart tags can be removed from clothing, they can’t be turned off and can be tracked even after you throw them in the garbage, for example.

Wal-Mart officials said they are aware of privacy concerns but insist they are taking a “thoughtful and methodical approach.”

Of course they are being thoughtful and methodical! You have to be to enslave an entire population with roll-back prices. Do y’all really think that underwear and socks are the most stolen item, or the most WORN item? Wal-Mart gets the spooky Deebo eye on this one… and so does the government agency that approved this.



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  • Ms. D

    That’s crazy. Good thing I scaled back on hiting up Wal-mart like that.

  • Devotee

    Big business is takin over….all these charter schools poppin up are privately funded so don’t be surprised when ya kid goes to mcdonalds school for the gifted or the walmart/target school…..starbucks secondary academy

  • Kristina

    Seems so unnecessary. So the smart tags will be able to tell what sizes are missing from a difference and what’s in the stock room, isn’t that part of the worker’s job? And lol@ that evil Walmart smiley.

  • Miss U Much MJJ....Lovely1

    I don’t shop at Walmart! They aren’t good to their employees. They will use this to track the tylenol that the employees steal since they don’t have HEALTH INSURANCE!
    I hate Walmart!

  • V

    I won’t support Walmart so it doesn’t matter.

  • http://deleted Just Sayin

    They gonna need to do something, cause most stores are getting shoplifted out of business!

  • http://GOogle Justaskin

    uh, do this mean i cant borrow they stuff no mo?

  • that damn sh#$ disturber

    so glad i don’t shop wallet world anymore…

  • patrick

    You all have blown the source article way out of proportion. These tags WILL NOT scan your RFID license.

  • Somali Ninga

    Get ready for the RFID chips in humans. Mark of the Beast 666!!

  • drenk

    im not scared i got my aluminum foil hat on!! the rest of you proles are out of luck!!!

  • Wake up people

    Ignorant post. RF Tags are useless unless a radio frequency is bounced off it. I really doubt they’re sending signals to your house.

  • dis b1tch look like a monter

    just wow!!!

  • RMEs

    LOL@ drenk.

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