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Heavyweights such as Jay-Z, Serena Williams, Jason Kidd, Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, etc. came out to a cocktail party hosted by LeBron James and Ralph Lauren for The Lebron James Family Foundation at the Ralph Lauren store in NYC.  It’s good to see everyone get together for a good cause.  Serena is looking pretty darn tough these days.

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  • Necy


  • Lady D

    First??? Am I??? Everybody looked good though.


    Guys I LOVE Chris….no I really do!!!

  • Necy

    why is Lala wearing green the giant nail color??? awful..

  • Necy

    and why is the hoe of cassie even there??? she don’t have shi- to donate!!LOL

  • Jay-z forever

    Jay looks very different but cute. I love his look all the time!

    He has definitely the best personality in the game and I hope he will beat the fake artists like Kanye and Beyonce at the first week sales.


    I hope Beyonce album will just sell 300,000 first week.

    She will never ever give him kids!!!!

  • Official TimeHater

    I was lovin La La until I peeped the nails and headband..Melo’s looking kind of good.

  • Necy

    Vanessa and Angela’s shoes are fugly…. but I do love the white woman’s shoes in that picture..

  • blkmoto

    Serena looks good but might want to lay off the weights just a bit

  • Ms. Philly

    Cassie looks nice and tasteful this time…not like she just took the dress off her Barbie and threw it on.

  • Sawyer

    See black folk doing big things! This puts a smile on my face early in the morning and reminds me of why I come to this god foreshaken place everyday…to one day be financially free!

  • TiaMia

    Jay looks quite dapper with the fro. Nnn Mr. Paul is so cute :O)

  • Man, I just don't care




    I know you haven’t signed on yet but I saw your pic! Damn you looking good!!

    AND I don’t “think” I know you. ha ha ha take that Derrick

    (giving you a wink and LL Cool J licking of lip)

  • Dame

    I loves Jay he looks great

    Serena is looking hot these days’

    KING James

  • Ms. Philly

    jaybird, I agree…she looks a mess!

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