Does It Matter That Essence Magazine’s New Fashion Director Is White???

- By Bossip Staff

Jill Scott Essence Cover

Since 1970, Essence magazine has been a publication targeted towards African-American women. As of Friday, Angela Burt-Murray, editor-in-chief of Essence, hired Ellianna Placas, the former fashion editor at O: Home and Us Weekly, to be the new Fashion Director for the magazine. This new hire is causing a little controversy because Ellianna is not black.

Angela Brut-Murray felt the need to release a statement defending her decision:

“I understand that this issue has struck an emotional chord with our audience,” said Burt-Murray, “however I selected Ellianna, who has been contributing to the magazine on a freelance basis for the last six months, because of her creativity, vision, the positive reader response to her work and her enthusiasm and respect for the audience and our brand. We remain committed to celebrating the unique beauty and style of African-American women in Essence magazine and online at”

Michaela Angela Davis is the former Fashion Director of Essence and put her feelings on Facebook:

Michaela Angela Davis Facebook Page

Was she really hired for her skills or for the “WHITE” reason??!? How do you feel about this???


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  • Rihanna's Sharp N Pointy Witchy FingernailsTookTheOath

    yes. we have a certain standard of what is beautiful and white people have their own!

  • MsDtown

    I think it is healthy and beautiful for anyone to celebrate our culture. As long as this chick can do our beauty justice I say Go for it! If we want to overcome the barriers that have been a problem in the past then we also have to ALLOW others to appreciate us….let’s all embrace black culture – even black folks have some growing to do on that front. Separate but Equal is over…let’s move forward.

  • Martinigal

    Who the F*u*C*K cares? Why is this even an issue? It’s about who can do the job. Essence is slowly loosing is circulation by numbers, they have to do whats best for the mag, to keep it afloat. Maybe she wasnt doing a good job and thats why she got fired or what ever hapen to her.

  • I love black women

    I mean is this the same cover that put Reggie Bush on the Black Love issue? I don’t say write her off bcus race bcus ww usually find bw insanely beautiful so maybe it might work.

  • I love black women

    I mean is this the same magazine that put Reggie Bush on the Black Love issue? I don’t say write her off bcus race bcus ww usually find bw insanely beautiful so maybe it might work.

  • I love black women

    And fact is they would NEVER hire a bw at vouge, marie claire, cosmo ect they will never let that sh!t go down bcus those ppl r borderline open racisist.

  • Oh yeah!



    i really don’t think it matters cuz isn’t E’RYTHING RAN BY WHITE PPL!!!??? LMAO

  • Martinigal

    I co-sign. It’s all about money, if it doesn’t work get rid of it and try something new. Publishing is a competitive field, and without the numbers your going under.

  • sandra

    How many black fashion directors at the white magazines. I’ll bet zero. black people don’t get those breaks in the corporate world.

  • Mystic

    Am I the only one that got the memo that Essence is white owned?

  • truthmatters

    many of you are pathetic, how many of you say that love is colorblind, well at least when a bw is with a wm.

    now you are going ape ##ish that a ww is the fashion editor. If it were a wm, that you guys thought was fine, i bet you wouldn’t have a problem.

    You see i have figured many of you out, you envy ww but love or lust for wm!



  • Lola

    No, it does not matter. That’s like asking if it matters if the fashion director of Glamour Magazine were black. I doubt she is, but it would be fine if she was.

  • Candid Canuck

    dont think its a prob at all. heck, some Yt folks know more about black folks than we do.. SMDH

  • Keep it Real

    Well, at least they have the spiritual leader of black woman love on the cover. The 250lbs baby mamma who proclaimed to the world that she was saving herself for black men. She had to turn down all of those offers from non black men. There were Non black men with broken hearts all over the world crying after that pronouncement.

    On another note, does that mean the fashion editor picked out the wardrobe Jill wore for the photo shoot?

  • AnonymousGal

    Who the f*ck cares? I do. You see, this is why some black people still remain ignorant of the world around them. Look, white people always employ their own. They have plenty of opportunities blacks will never have. We should be employing our own people. Everyone else thinks about their own (Jews, Latinos, whites, Asians) yet when it comes to blacks, we always have to give our sh*t away.

    You know, people talk againsta Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, but they are the only blacks that are left that, regardless of their ulterior motive, will stand up for black people. By the looks of many of these comments, blacks don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell for anyone to stand up for our rights.

    Boy, the white man has done his job very well.

    • Moe

      Cosign 100% with AnonymousGal!!

  • shea

    Sorry to say but most Black blogs and magazines have been bought out by the white media system.They never let us anything on your own for long, they always have their greasy hands in the pie.

  • AnonymousGal

    @Shea – every time a black man has tried to start something that give us economical power, they were always killed, i.e. Marcus Garvey, MLK, Malcolm X, etc. Remember Black Wall Street. The white man has always attempted to keep us down. Why do you think he spends the majority of his time telling us we are inferior. The sad part is that blacks do not know their history so they are clueless. We’ve given away EVERYTHING that we’ve owned or it’s been taken away from us, i.e. music, arts, language, culture, and even our minds. Many blacks still think white folks are superior. SMH.

  • shea

    @Anonymous Gal-I know love,couldn’t agree with you more!!It really breaks my heart to see my people so misguided and not know their true history not His_Story.

  • Howdy

    Maybe they need a different perspective because Essence is going out of business like a lot of other magazines.

  • AnonymousGal

    @Shea – it is very heartbreaking because many of them don’t WANT to know the truth. They are comfortable living in ignorance of who THEY are and not who OTHERS think they are. Thank you for your wisdom.

  • AnonymousGal

    @Spicboyz1 – yeah, the whole world has been bamboozled into praising St. White Man.

  • rain

    As long as there keeping black people on the cover it don’t matter

  • Uhh yeah ok

    All Mags are going down anyways. It’s the varied perspectives that bring relatablitity.

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