Nicki Minaj Breaks Down The Concept For Her “Your Love” Video

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Nicki Minaj with long curly red hair

Nicki Minaj is speaking out on the video for her single “Your Love”, the first single by a female emcee to top the Billboard Rap Songs category in over seven years.

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  • FATz


  • Allenro

    who gives a shit..grow some talent nicki

  • Zone 4 Representatives

    This schizo chick is such a talentless fraud. You see how she just used about 3 different accents. God bless her tho she’s gettin that paper.

  • TMoney253


  • iysis10

    she is f-ing crazy and talentless. how many more mins of fame does she have again.

  • lala

    , to all of the nothing nicki haters , please do everybody in the world a favor ann kill yourself , i just wanna know how she is talentless but is making billions ! Somebody must think she has talent . You hood buggars aree just mad because you aint on top # hatersitdown

  • Matix B Wooty POP

    Lala are you 4 years old? How is this bytch making Billions and can’t even pay for a rented Lamobs??? Even if she can afford a Lambo she is not making Billions! Questions: Does what Nicki eat make you shyt??? If so your gonna be shyting dycks.

  • purple love

    @lala I admire ur admiration and respect of Nicki cuz yea she is gettin paid but u ruined it by saying billions

  • Kristina

    She’s making billions? LMAO, Nicki stans are so delusional. Poor things.


    What in the ghetto lil bo peep is that?

  • Somali Ninga

    Why is she talking in a British accent? Altered personality? KILLUMINATI!!!

  • Zone 4 Representatives

    @lala…please remove your head from nicki gar-bage’s azz. Just because some people recognize talent and some get caught up in the hype doesnt mean people are hating. As you know OPINIONs are like azzholes. Everybody has one. As I stated b4…she is gettin that paper. I just can’t figure out why.

  • Zone 4 Representatives

    Oh and BTW…that broad has as much chance as seeing a billi as you do….no disrespect

  • Mystyri

    The concept is….


  • Barbiekilla Fivethousand

    I’ve never encountered anyone who hates themself and wants to be white as much as this airhead talentless bimbo does, it’s a travesty.

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