Ne-Yo: “Apparently, I’m Gay…”

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Ne-Yo: I'm Gay

Ne-Yo doesn’t like the fact that he’s referred to as being gay and quite frankly, he little bit tired of it. In an interview FOX, Ne-Yo speaks on the rumor and the fact that it has not faded away. Ne-Yo… don’t get mad when you’re the one walking around with greased up lips, what looks like eyeliner and your flavorful mannerisms.

Ne-Yo Defending his Sexual Preference:



  • msbliss

    That lip gloss compliments him jus fine 2 me!…. Snap 4 the kids! He really got “ill di*k u down boy” look down 2 da T! Lol

  • christmas808

    if hes gay fine if not who cares his music is good….but neyo do be acting like a queen #justsaying

  • Oh yeah!

    I think most people suspected that he was gay. But if he is so what?!?! We dont have to sleep with him or deal with him emotionally if its true. However, Does it really matter whether he is or isnt? The man is a a genious when it comes to making music. right?

  • The truth teller

    what kind of men of songs such as irreplaceble of coz hes gay

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  • I'm Just Me...Keeping It Real Since: 1983

    He is gay. Wasn’t there a JET magazine interview with him admitting he had a boyfriend in high school, or something to that effect? This pic up top really isn’t helping matters.

  • Candy Girl

    At what point does gay stop being an insult. Geez. Take the man at his word and keep it moving. He makes great music and he seems like a real cool dude. Let it go already!

  • bklynlady

    Any dude that says Neyo is gay must of slept with him. Cut the sh*t! We don’t have a window into these celeb’s personal life. It’s all an a.s.s.umption (note the first three letters in the word). If he says he’s not gay, then dammit he’s not gay….and if he were, are you fckn him?

    HOWEVER, this picture is inexcusable. lol i’m just sayn….

  • http://deleted tessa

    I have never bought into those silly rumors that he is gay because he doesn’t seem gay to me.

    It seems like people are always try to tear someone down these days instead of just being proud that others have found fame and fortune.

  • Illuminati Opinion - Fancy $hit!

    If he is or isn’t really shouldn’t matter. However, as an entertainment viewer, sometimes his mannerisms and lips(es) seem a little puckered, glossed, and POPPIN’! Kind of contradicts the “I’m so in love with you, girl,” and folds it into, “Na-na-na-na-nah, I’m more prettier than you isssss (lipses smack! lol). However, the music is wonderful, and he CAN sing! With his soundin’ like Michael Jackson self sometimes… lol

  • Christine5980


  • daahlingnikki

    Neyo lets be honest..No we don’t have the right to a.s.s.ume anything about you..however when you are standing next to a supermodel and your lips are more pursed than hers…It leads the general public to believe that you may be a pole rider…just an observation..

  • bluekid

    Looking at Meyo picture above, ummmmmm “does he look gay in that pic?” Looks are deceiving.

    Let me take a look at his friends JayZ, Kenye West, Ummmmmmmmm!

    Please say “NO HOMO” Neyo!

  • Tamika1412

    He needs to skip out of the closet. Although I think he knows if he does it will ruin his career.

  • Mr. Cool

    For any female or male on the site who is gay or bisexual, I have a question?

    What are the best benifits of being bi/gay or coming out of the closet and telling everyone you are gay?

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