Former NBA Player Lorenzen Wright’s Ex-Wife Received Threatening Visit From Armed Shady Characters

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Lorenzen Wirght

Something shady was definitely going on in the Lorenzen Wright murder case:

An attorney says three armed men looking for Lorenzen Wright showed up at the home of the former NBA player’s ex-wife about six weeks before he was found shot to death. Lawyer Gail Mathes says her client, Sherra Wright, was afraid for herself and her children so kept quiet about the encounter until Monday. She then alerted police in the Memphis suburb of Collierville.

Mathes says the men, dressed in sport coats with weapons in view, threatened Sherra Wright and her family if she told anyone about the visit. Mathes’ account was first reported by The Commercial Appeal. Lorenzen Wright’s body was found Wednesday in woods in southeast Memphis. He had been missing since July 18, when he left his ex-wife’s house around midnight with an unidentified person.




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  • Zone 4 Representatives

    Uhh yeah…I think his ex-wife has a few more interviews with the detectives in her future.

  • sunflower

    The ex wife has hired a criminal attorney?? Interesting.

  • Mscreative1

    Oh my! Bet she knows more then what she’s telling!

  • webreader

    The truth shall set you free!

  • jay

    actually sunflower that’s her divorce attorney not her criminal

  • nikevia

    Its definately something shady going on.

  • Romello

    Well she’s gonna need a criminal lawyer for witholding that sort of evidence…U can’t divorce a dead man…I’m sure that info. may have been helpful to police…But yet ur sitting there with his family as if the man left abnormally…She knew what happened…Be Careful who u fall in love with and marry brothers…Black or white…Its still aWOMAN at days end…And they all should be under suspicion…Love yo green paper and u wont ever lose!!!

  • It's Me

    she has something to do with it…

  • willy b hardigan

    Cant believe people are so tacky they’d actually announce they were first on a story like this we can read CLOWN

  • crystal

    Interesting that it has not been mentioned even if lorenzen was even aware of the encounter…very fishy I must say



  • downsouthlandlord

    Live in memphis and I must say the x wife knows more then she says.

  • Curious1 aka Pretty Girl Swag

    The story seems shady…I wonder if this is true,did she even mention it to the dead guy..and if he mentioned this to anyone..This alleged visit from some Goons or Goodfellows…alleged is the operative word here…

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