Amber Rose Brings Hot Sex Pink To The Beach

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Amber Rose in a hot pink bikini and pink baseball cap in Miami Beach, FL.

Amber Rose continued to enjoy Miami Beach yesterday, hitting the surf and sand in her teeny weeny hot pink bikini… More shots of her oiled up backs when you continue

Amber Rose in a hot pink bikini and pink baseball cap in Miami Beach, FL.

Hot dayuuum! Her body is RE-D*CK-U-Lust!



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  • riding so high i can slap down a pigeon

    beautiful! um um um

  • The Desolate One

    Maaaan, I would tap, tap, TAP That!

  • tommykimon

    I’m a chick but her body is banging. She gives us ladies motivation right,

    • LOVON1000

      Wow, kind words, rare on here, real talk tho, makes you wanna realise your body’s true potential.


    Fa’real I’ma need y’all to find some someone else to report on, I’m dead serious!

  • E$

    playing Willie D “Bald head hos”

  • lynn

    Another FAKE booty be glorified! Where are all the natural women?

    • LOVON1000


  • beastlifeapparel

    Must be nice.

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  • It's Me

    damn she is loosing the azz, what up with that??? No longer attractive if the azz is gone…

  • Pleezzz

    Stop it Just Stop it!

    I can’t take no more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • siyt

    her butt got bigger. looks like injections. gotta stay relevant someway!

  • siyt

    shout out to the idiot that said her butt look smaller. when its obviously bigger.

  • siyt

    its not as proportioned as before with her body. looking a little ‘nick minaj’

  • jazzy

    I swear some of the most ignorant negroes are on this site…. Jealous because she not black??? Half these hoes die to be black… Hence tans, fake behinds, black men on their arm… Me and my black sistas are the most envied persons on the planet….

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