Ne-Yo: “I’m Terrified About My First Child… I’ve Never Seen Myself As A Father”

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Ne-Yo and Monyetta Shaw

Ready or Not… the baby is on the way!!! Ne-Yo and his girl Monyetta Shaw are expected to have their baby in January 2011. Ne-Yo took a moment to speak on what he’s doing to get himself ready for his first child and to dead all the engaged and marriage rumors…

CNN: That’s because you have money and you have fame. What’s left but love?

Ne-Yo: I’m one of the few who have been fortunate enough to have both. I acquired money, power and fame through my love — my love for music. I get on my knees and I thank God every day that I’m one of the people blessed to be able to do what I love.

CNN: I have to ask about the baby you’re having.

Ne-Yo: I’m going to have my first child in January. I’m terrified, I’m gonna be all the way honest. I’ve never seen myself as a father, you know what I mean? I knew eventually I would get married and have kids and all of that stuff. By the way, the marriage rumors aren’t true. Let’s clear that up. I’m not engaged, I’m not to be married. But the baby rumor is true.

CNN: Are you terrified because you didn’t have a male role model in your own life growing up?

Ne-Yo: My mom was my mom and my dad. I didn’t need the male role model. I figure if I do it the way my mom did it, then my kid is going to be fine.

CNN: Is your kid going to be living the baby “Champagne Life?”

Ne-Yo: No. I’m going to teach my child the value of a dollar. The “Champagne Life” can mean you’re just living what the good life is to you. So in that form, yes, my child will definitely be living the “Champagne Life



  • d512

    Because your not the father!! He knows he’s gay!!!! This is just a cover up.



  • LUV YA!

    uh huh.

  • whatever dude

    He is a dummy…Neyo was playing daddy to his so-called son for 3 years. He found out recently that the baby wasn’t his.

  • d512

    farther i mean

  • whatever dude

    It is crazy that this dude just came out his mouth and said …He wasn’t engaged or getting married. Damn, so it was ok to go raw up in some chick you don’t wish to spend the rest of your life with. Damn…this is how black women are single parents or plague with a deadly disease. This chick is a dummy, risking her life to be a baby mama by a known bi-sexual celebrity. wow…smh

  • LUV YA!

    @whatever dude: Not that i dont disagree with what your saying but she probably looking at it as well hell.. Im getting paid for the next 20 something years

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  • Candy Girl

    @whatever dude… I was thinking the same thing. Ne-yo bragged about his “son” when he first hit the scene and now he’s talking ish like “I’ve never seen myself as a father.” I’m sorry the girl hoodwinked you Ne-yo but you DID see yourself as a father before.

    I think the little boy is Schaffer Smith Jr too.

    What a punk move…

  • It's Me

    this is what the homo’s say

  • lucktoyou1314


  • vivianloveyou111

    so crazy!!!1

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  • Bey-nonsense

    dead at the “dolphin pose”
    gayfish lolololol

  • Orchid

    Ne-Yo: “I’m Terrified About My First Child… I’ve Never Seen Myself As A Father”
    Don’t worry Ne-Yo. We didn’t either.

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