The Swirl: Another One Bites the Dust

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It seems as though Kelly Rowland has used her sexual prowess to hypnotize a white guy; surprise, surprise. We should have realized what she was up to when she said this AND got fake boobs. It was nice having you, Kells. I guess this is the part where we say good luck, since we won’t be seeing you on this side of the train tracks anymore…



  • Dominique=Maxwell Fan♥

    Aint’ nothing wrong with having a lil “swirl” in your life.

  • Madame Enigma

    Well, ‘yall’ didn’t want her. Not my preference, but a girl needs SOME love in her life.Po thang…

  • Shimbulah a.k.a Shimmie

    That little fool can’t handle all that jelly. Oh please!? This can’t be for real.

  • Winter

    Come on this is 2008…My MoM always said like who likes you!!! Who knows she may be just having fun and if so more power to her. I have not seen many Brothers chasing after her!!!

  • jonjon23

    That’s good for her after Roy Williams dumped her and all.

  • diva

    Well what was she gonna do, stay lonely??? Black men don’t want us so we have to do something! LOL. But seriously if she is gonna go pink, she could at least get a cute pink man. And yes I said pink.

  • Nothing Nice: "real rappers ain't eating they Olsen Twinin" WALE

    Who cares?! Black men want white women. Black women want white men. Who really cares. As long as the dude makes you happy. I just hope this dude is packing and is really sweet cause Kelly could do better. He’s not that much to look at. At least from these pics.

  • uiown


    And let the hating begin…

    sour ass, no life having, hating ass people

  • dayg715

    can we say LOSER.

  • Lovely & Amazing

    Its a well-known FACT, most black men are not attracted to dark skin women. Their loss, because I can tell you from personal experience that Most white men are VERY attracted to dark skin women. Whats a girl to do? Good for you Kelly!

  • jandsmama

    She seems happy and that’s all that matters. Good for her!

  • Creole Baby Hotter Than Ya Ma Grits

    why is she doing this?

  • Bird

    I ain’t even a little mad at her. I been trying to hook up with a white man my damn self.

  • Aunt Viv

    if she’s happy, i’m not hating. good for you kelly.

  • Afro - Latina

    Kelly Rowland is a smart young lady for not choosing an unemployed loser from the hood with baby mama drama. I wish her and her new man many blessings.

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