Brandy And Her Weave Are FINALLY Agreeing With Each Other… What A Beautiful Thing!!!

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Brandy Norwood

Brandy is known for wearing weaves that “DON’T” compliment her face in any way, shape or form but this go round it seems like she finally got it right!!! She is currently filming the second season of her VH1 reality show “Brandy and Ray-J: A Family Business.” We gotta give credit where credit is due… maybe they up the budget for this season and that’s why her weave is on point!!!

Brandy Norwood

Let’s recap some of the Brandy Bad Weave moments:
Brandy Bad WeaveBrandy Bad Weave MomentBrandy Bad Weave Moment


  • sasha thumper

    good weave. she still looks like an alien pirahna.

  • sasha thumper

    ::whispers:: number one in the hood G.

  • ??

    She’s come a long way from when she was from gettin punked by Thea on the show to grown woman status. Proud of Brandy.

  • hmm


  • nellz

    I like dis look on her,she looks pretty!! STOP HATING. pin:21240cc1 pin:21240cc1 pin:21240cc1 pin:21240cc1 pin:21240cc1

  • rene jackson

    I love Brandy I think she is one classy Woma.

  • kalifa

    @Soul Touch – i totally agree……just wish she’d do something about those bright-a$$ veneers on her teeth…..i’m sure they glow in the dark :)

  • Aww Shyt!!

    Yes, brandy has certainly grown into her looks i will agree to that as well but .. uhm.. im not trying to be funny… she still looks like the blue girl from avatar.. Sorry!!.. at least the weaves look better

  • M3@9@N

    Ta, i be seein brandyz wigs in da beauty supply papers. Smh dem mircos tore ha edges up!

  • voice

    I love her voice and think she’s beautiful!!

  • Deesac

    I do know I guess she look ok but for some reason she just don’t give me a woody!!

  • christmas808

    she look pretty to me i think people just gon hate regardless…i’m just glad she threw that lacewig away hallelujuh(spellcheck)

  • oduroyal

    She looks great! Unbeweavable :)

  • too cute

    she looks cute here,like it

  • lovelylady

    yeah, that weave looks 100x’s better. I actually LOVE IT. I always hated her weaves, but she did a complete 360 on us, because that weave is fly and it actually look like it could be hers.

    Now we can see how pretty she actually is.

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