Caption This: Nicki Minaj As Susie Homemaker… GTFOH!!!

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Nicki Minaj VMA Promo

MTV has bought into the Diddy Nicki Minaj and Barbie movement. The VMA’s are right around the corner and they have stamped Nicki MInaj’s face all over the promo which is truly odd because she doesn’t even have an album out yet but she is nominated for best new artist, so maybe that’s how they are justifying the situation.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Nicki Minaj is in total shock herself about the VMA’s:

“I don’t even have my album out and I’m part of the freakin’ promo! Basically, they’re documenting my rise and paralleling that with my journey, literally, to the VMAs.”

What does this really say about music??? Does music really exist anymore???


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