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Serena Williams has been living it up this week since her US Open victory last weekend.   She and that donk of hers has been kickin it pretty tough.  We must say, she’s been looking pretty decent lately, but perhaps whomever is assisting Serena, can help Venus too. That poodle-fro is not a good look.  SMH.

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  • tara

    it’s just ok for her andlast week i saw some more hot videoes about her on ”””””’that’s wonderful !

  • Re (It's Ramadan time and I'm light-headed)

    You could find lots of things inside of Venus’s hair….the answer to the Bermuda Triangle, the exact location of aliens in outer space, and the answer to the meaning of life.

  • NC in the House


  • NC in the House



  • Ms. Philly

    They don’t have to be fashionista’s they are WORLD TENNIS CHAMPIONS…

  • Aunt Viv

    Good morning Re and Lauren!

    Serena betta work that white dress and come funk me (Common) pumps!

  • Me ME

    I just LOVE SERENA !!!!!

  • BBC - Afiya

    YIKES!! That dress looks HORRIBLE from the back…me no likey that dress Serena :(

    …and what’s up with the ashy knees? check yourself before you step out…I’m just saying…

  • SMDH (why do you entertain assclowns up in here?)

    WOW!! She looks good!!

    See what a good man and a good job can do for a sista???


    Big Foot….

    A Taco Bell…

    My MP3 player…

  • SMDH (why do you entertain assclowns up in here?)

    She looks amazingly happy!!

  • Lisa

    That green dress looks awful, looks “homemade”….All those seams! That dress does Serena NO JUSTICE!

    No Maam! The stylist should be fired! She has to dress to accentuate her body.

  • BBC - Afiya


    That’s a beautiful picture…is it you?

  • http://www.gladitsnight.coM


  • SMDH (why do you entertain assclowns up in here?)

    Her sister, on the other hand……….. :-(

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