*Bossip Exclusive* Twitter Snitch: Amber Rose Sighting In New Orleans!!!

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reggie bush and amber rose

The single Bald Headed Beast Amber Rose is getting it in and spending some quality time with Reggie Bush!!! Even though Amber Rose didn’t disclose her location on Twitter, she didn’t have too… Somebody on Twitter saw her and Snitched on that Azz!!!

Twitter Snitch: Amber Rose Sighting

After coming across this tweet, we couldn’t help but to go through Amber Rose and Reggie Bush’s Twitter timeline and what do you know… the tweets match up!!!

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  • yvonne

    Who fcking cares, they deserve each other

  • amberfromthea

    Reggie just running through them. I guess that’s what running backs do off the field! Just don’t get her pregnant, or its a wrap!!!!

  • Divine

    I sure hope she was invited. Something tells me she would make one hella scary STALKER! LOL!!!

  • rico

    get that fat butt reggie!

  • Sha

    Reggie is really cute!

  • miari


  • shut the fu*ck up

    and when he catches an STD

    it will make headline news

    in 3 2 1

  • http://badgirl YELLOWGIRL

    And that’s true about STD that what he looking for.

  • Curious1

    And may he Kiss His Heissman Good Bye….Her skin tone ALWAYS looks painted on…
    He looks…”eh”…monkey-ish..


  • Govt. Cheese

    I am dropping Reggie off my Fantasy Team!


    well we all know the beast gotta eat $$$$$$$$$$haha getem beast!!! in yo face Kim

  • Mr.uPPeR CuTTs

    She better not waste her time/ She ain’t white enough for Becky Chasing Reggie.

  • ShawtyWhereYouAt

    Reggie Love Him Some Sloppy Seconds…..smh.

  • nite stick

    C’mon let the brutha breath, a man got to eat, sleep, shht, work, and FUCC. That part of his daily diet unless one of you wanna go down to orleans and take her place. You can get some free crawfish when your finish lol.

  • sallyg

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