Trigger Happy Rihanna Gets Inked Again, Ties With Mariah, BeyBey And Gaga For Most #1 Pop Chart Singles

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Rihanna Has An Italian Dinner at Emilio Ballato Before Touching Up Her Tattoo At Eastside Ink

Rihanna was spotted in Manhattan yesterday toting this Vlieger and Vandam handbag (which has a pistol imprinted on the front) from dinner at Emilio Ballato to a neck tattoo touchup appointment at Eastside Ink.

Rihanna Has An Italian Dinner at Emilio Ballato Before Touching Up Her Tattoo At Eastside Ink

Tats and Gats. Gotta love it. She’s so “Hard”. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. *blank stare*

RihRih recently tied Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and Mariah Carey for the most #1 songs on the Pop Songs radio airplay chart. She now has six #1’s thanks to her collaboration with Eminem, “Love the Way You Lie,” according to

Rihanna’s other #1 songs on the pop chart include 2006’s “SOS” (for one week); 2008’s “Take a Bow” (for three weeks); 2008’s “Disturbia” (three weeks); her late-2008 T.I. collabo “Live Your Life” (two weeks); and “Rude Boy” (two weeks). “Love the Way You Lie” has been on top for one week so far. Pop bottles!

Closeup of that tat pre-touchup (with a little bit of kitchen left in for the kinky folks) below:

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  • *she rocks*

    wow whatever she has done has paid off… good for her, she should enjoy it while she’s still alive coz we all know where she’s going H.E.L.L!

  • babygirl1~

    What is it one of those UV tats? Nonetheless neck tatas are played out, tacky and not classy. I use to love Rhianna but not so much now. Shes just extra

  • lili

    ok. yall stay hateing on her.. for real.

  • http://!! Bluekid

    I see Satan is still blessing this girl!

  • kalifa

    she has the ugliest tatts ….
    the guns on her sides looks like she drew them herself….then there’s the rat-tail of stars on her back…

    this girl needs Jesus.
    she needs to stop being a $lut, stop marking her skin with these disgusting symbols and use her “voice” to say something that uplifts people and the kingdom of God

    then again, if u believe in and worship the Devil you’d continue to pimp out your soul for some fame and money

  • http://!! Bluekid

    Rihanna and her team has been using DV since last year to make money and I have not heard of her or her team donating anything to DV. They are just pocketing the money and buying their houses, cars, whatever using DV to do so which makes me sick.

  • Myhairparadise

    She just going to wear that red hair anytime smh

    dont forget to check out myhairparadise*com for your hair care tips

  • mz.cee



  • http://!! Bluekid

    Rihanna is not cute at all in that first picture, the close up, not a pretty girl at all, but do looks average.

  • It's Me

    dat really does look like a gat, but I can not see RIRI carrying a pistol.

  • Kera

    Shes is pretty!!!

  • http://!! Bluekid

    Secret Voice

    August 11, 2010 at 3:03 pm

    All I will say is that if you Rih-Ho Stans and E-Stans can support them and both of them are habitual abusers and yet you sit on your raw azzes and think I can’t support Breezy,I say fall all the way back fool!

    What it boils down to and as a female I will say it…There are many Black women who just have “hate” for Black men and will NOT give another Black man a chance. I hate to say it but there are many bitter bytches who are against Chris,who will overlook anything a white man does as we can all see with E,Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson.I’m sorry but there ain’t nothing a bytch like that can say to me about Chris especially when I know they have nothing to say when it comes to Whites with real histories of abuse or they make excuses for dumb bytches like Rih-Ho that goes around hitting a man.My sympathy is for women who are scared of their own shadows because of the REAL abuse they suffer but these hypocrites don’t care about them,which is why you know the shyt they have against Breezy is on some other stuff.

    Do it Breezy! Chris got over 8,000 followers yesterday on Twitter and last I checked,he had over 627,000 followers!

  • Badd

    She is doing the MOST.

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